Friday Five: These are a Few of My Favorite Things

It’s Friday, so I’m linking up with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for the new Friday Five 2.0. The theme this week is workout related. I decided to go rogue and build off of my post from Sunday on Hygge. I mentioned that I was reminded of Hygge by Judith‘s Love List. There was an article about it in her list. It turns out that writing lists of favorite things is a way to practice Hygge, too. I’m doing both. Here are five of My Favorite Things that I experienced/saw/did/had this week.

1. Running in Central Park – #1 and #2 collide. I hit Central Park on Thursday bright and early with Marie and Nicole. Then met Kelly for a loop on Friday. I love, love, love running in Central Park and the love grows when I can chat the whole way around with my dear friends.

2. Seeing old friends and spending time with new friends, too– I got to NYC Wednesday and saw Marie and Andrea for dinner. Then I met Alicia for a drink at the Hyatt Centric rooftop. Thurs AM, I met Marie and Nicole to run. After work, I had a drink with Mahala and then headed to Kathy and David’s for a sleepover. Friday morning I met Kelly run a run.  If I add up the time that I’ve been friends with these folks, it’s over 100 years cumulatively! I love reconnecting with old friends. I feel like my worries just disappear. That’s hygge for sure! [I have a picture of Chicago here, too, because Abby got up early to run with me in Chicago so I could make my flight! Started the trip off right.]

3. The Today Show! – For work, I was asked to staff an event at the Today Show. Well, really it was at 30 Rock for the NBC News Team. I tweeted @AlRoker and @TodayShow to come see us. It didn’t happen but we enjoyed the lovely people we met at NBC and got a bunch of people signed up for our program!

4. Sleepover at Kathy and David’s – I decided to stay over after the event at Kathy and David’s. I had the opportunity to see them and their boys and spend more time than if we just went out to dinner. The boys didn’t know I was coming and I got huge hugs and lots of excitement. That was a bonus.

5. Working in NYC! – I love living in Chicago, but it was pretty fun to be in NYC for work! I enjoyed the hustle and bustle and some awesome food finds, too!

Making this list made me happy! I highly recommend it! What’s on your list of favorites? Please share in the comments!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Amy Scott says:

    I’m kinda jealous you got to go to NYC! Plus running in Central Park AND the Today Show? I have never been to NYC and would love to go one day… bet you had some good food finds there too with all the fun ethnic foods but also healthy options.

  2. Mary W says:

    This was a rough week for me but having the love and support of my best friend made me feel good/happy this week.

  3. Ruth says:

    For me I regroup and replenish best when I walk for a few hours. There is a reservoir near my house. So I take advantage when I can. Just me and the ducks, a few geese too. Perfect way to let the stress go. Plus I am a baker. I try to give it away immediately. Baking and sharing is always good for my soul.

  4. That is so cool that you got to work an event for a Today Show! I love the Today Show. 🙂

  5. Megan says:

    I love going for a run, talking to my mom and taking bubble baths!

  6. Nicole Sender says:

    Enjoyed reading your favorite things. Glad you had fun in NYC.

  7. Christopher sorel says:

    Glad week is over and kids helped me through it. Found that smoked broccoli rabe on a pork loin sandwich is my never fav

  8. Georgette Coan says:

    I think it would be hilarious if AL Roker had come up to you guys in NYC. I have a huge pile of new release books to read that makes me happy. Also, the cup of coffee every morning and the continued health of my 85-year old Dad. It doesn’t take a lot. 🙂

  9. I live 30 minutes from NYC!

  10. Amber Ludwig says:

    How fun!! I have never been to NYC but dream to one day!! Ive heard central park is gorgeous!!, heck Ive heard NYC is gorgeous!!

  11. Susan P. says:

    This is my birthday week so even though it’s another year older, it’s just a number and another day to celebrate life.

  12. Dee Johnson says:

    Gardening is definitely a favorite of mine.

  13. Michelle S. says:

    I called my oldest son who lives out of state to wish him a happy birthday.

  14. Kristen says:

    I love 30 rock😊

  15. I get to see you in just a few! Wish I was running with you, but c’est la vie.

  16. Rachel says:

    I’m not a city girl at all, but running in Central Park is on my list of want-to-do’s if the opportunity arises. Sounds like you had a great week!

  17. Lauren says:

    SO jealous-I haven’t been to Central Park since I started running 5 years ago, eek. Totally need a springtime NYC trip!

  18. julie says:

    wow sounds like a great week!

  19. I’ve been to NY a few times but have never run there. I am glad you had a great time there.

  20. Marcia says:

    I enjoyed your NYC pics on Instagram. It’s always so nice to run in CP. The Today Show thing at 30 Rock sounds fun!

  21. Staci A says:

    Sounds like a wonderful week! I love visiting the city, but could never stay long. I love the quiet of the country!

  22. Sara says:

    I was so happy that i made my classes on time despite the rain, sleet, and snow.

  23. Miranda says:

    Getting to hang out with friends and family is always a good thing. I love working out it clears the mind😊

  24. Dana Walton says:

    My daughter and husband took such good care of me while i have been really sick. 💕

  25. Making my friend Jennifer happy ~ been under a lot of family stress!

  26. Kristin Troska says:

    hi. new here. I went to NYC in 11th grade. peace!

  27. april says:

    Seeing my son land a skateboarding trick that he’s been trying to do for over a year made me so happy! Love that determination!

  28. Heidi Bee says:

    Hanging out with my kids on a snow day! So much fun.

  29. Angela Ingles says:

    I have a newborn and a 2 year old. Snuggling them where it’s warm and cozy inside makes my heart happy.

  30. Deb E says:

    It made me very happy to see the temps here in LA hit the 70s today, but alas, rain is on tap for tomorrow. I can’t complain compared to the storms the East is getting hit with now. Tomorrow is Friday and that makes me happy.

  31. gloria patterson says:

    YOU know this is something I need to think about. I could make a quick list but then I might leave out the best. THINKING TIME FOR ;ME

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