Friday Five: My 5 Fave Things About Expo West

It’s Friday, so I am linking up with Courtney at Eat, Pray, Run DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run for their weekly linkup. Each week they pick a theme and bloggers join in and link up. This year instead of specific themes, they are letting us be creative with broad themes for each week of the month. It is a “Favorites” Friday so I am going to share my five favorites things about Expo West. If you missed it, here is my Day 1 recap (look at that haul!). Picking only five favorites is going to be very, very tough. I will also provide a disclaimer. I was only able to walk about ½ of the show on Saturday and worked at the Simple Squares booth on Sunday (and saw a few more vendors) so these are my faves from what I saw. Next year, I will try to go for another day to see even more!

fave thinsg FI

1. 4000 vendors who make everything from healthy snacks, supplements, cosmetics, pet stuff, ergonomic tools, recycled paper good, art and household items. There was pretty much everything under the sun. Seeing the scope and scale made my heart sing and my feet hurt! 😉 [As an aside, I wore my awesome new Jambu Hush shoes and they were perfect for walking and standing. Review to come!]

faves new and old

New finds from new brands (L) and new finds from old faves (R)

2. So. Many. Awesome. New. Finds and awesome new products from companies that I have already found. I promise when I get home (I am on the road this week for work and play) that I will share some of my haul including bars from Truth Bar, Toosum, Curate Snacks, Zing Bars, Wilde Snacks, RxBar, Chapul, Manitoba Harvest, Simple Squares (+ more), snacks from Fuel Snacks by Foodie Fuel, Gorilly Goods, Olomomo Nuts, Hail Merry, Karma Nuts, Go Raw, candy from Chimes and supplements from Skoop, Cocoavia and MUCH MUCH MORE!

3. Seeing new trends come to life. One of my fave trends was awesome waters made with all natural ingredients from cactus (I’m a big fan!), maple, watermelon and coconut. This was the trend that stuck out to me. Nicole noted everything hemp and turmeric. I saw some of those and lots and lots and lots of veggies in bars (and kale everywhere), jerky and popcorn in addition to the usual suspects. A WTERMLN WTR helped me stay hydrated. Phew. I know that there was a lot going on in supplements and I barely scratched the surface of that hall. Next time!

4. Meeting entrepreneurs who were living out their passion projects. There was such an awesome mix of young and old and every one in between. I met the gals from Wild Friends who started out of their college dorm a few years ago and the guys from Brami Beans who are also just out of school. I met an older couple from Cherry Works selling tart cherry supplements. I talked to some companies who just launched like Truth Bar (3 days last Saturday!) and others that have been around since the first Expo West in 1981! I just loved the energy and enthusiasm.

me at Simple Squares

5. Getting to represent Simple Squares and chatting with folks about the awesome product and company. I loved meeting “food friends” and swapping products and stories with them! Kimberly knows so many other business owners and I enjoyed the opportunity to meet them, too.

With Nicole at the Corral Country 5K, with Ivonne and with Dean!

With Nicole at the Corral Country 5K, with Ivonne and with Dean!

Bonus: I also got to see my friends Nicole, Ivonne and John which was a bonus! Oh, and I met “Marathon Man” Dean Karnazes (and he could not have been nicer!)

If you ever have the opportunity to go to Expo West (or sister show Expo East in September), run, don’t walk and bring an extra bag!

PS. There is still time to enter my raffle for my Alexandra’s Playground – 6 great prizes and I made it to $1500 so I will add another one this weekend!



  1. glenneth says:

    ooohhh. that sounds like my kind of expo! thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds like a great time! Maple water sounds delicious to me! Can’t wait to read your reviews of the other products!

  3. I have not been to one of those big expos in a long time but I love to see all the new products and gadgets that are out. Fun!

  4. Amy Lauren says:

    This expo sounds amazing and I wish we had something like it here. I think it’s so cool you got to meet the people behind the products. It’s almost like Shark Tank- entrepreneurs starting small businesses and something they believe in, totally different than just buying some product at the store when you see the face behind it.

  5. wow – cactus water??? sounds interesting! This looked like an amazing event. I cannot believe all the vendors. I saw the Expo East some time ago but think it conflicted with something else I had going on.

  6. Pam says:

    Wow, that natural foods expo sounds amazing. Sounds like you found some great new things to try.,

  7. Erin R. says:

    I just got to try maple water at Whole Foods last Sunday! It was an unforgettable moment for me since I read about it in the Laura Ingalls books 30 years ago. I vividly remember them boiling the maple syrup and her description of the raw sap as “thin and sharp tasting.” Funny coincidence, you getting to try it, too!

  8. I am going next year no matter what! It looks so fantastic… I grocery shop for fun, so thins i basically my idea of heaven.

  9. Nikki Fahey says:

    sounds like fun. Its neat to see new products and guess what will make it or not:)

  10. Christopher Sorel says:

    being able to sample and talk tot he people creating quality products is fun to see the passion and learn their plans.

  11. i havent been to this particular expo but i try to attend dietitian conference, which means FOOD everywhere and i love it 🙂

  12. Wow, this sounds amazing. Sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon (or two)!

  13. jill conyers says:

    What a great event that sounds like it was really fun too. I would definitely attend if the expo came locally.

  14. Corrina says:

    I wish I had known about this to check it out!! Does it come locally every year?

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