Want to Up Your Winter Running? Come Run F^3 With Me #Giveaway

Lots of runners in Chicago run outside through the winter; Probably the same number hibernate or hit the gym. Several years ago some intrepid (and slightly crazy) runners decided to host a half marathon in January on the lake front. It was called the F@#$ing Frozen Freezing Half. What started as a few people is now a huge event. Last year, it was “polar vortex” cold. I had just run the Houston Marathon the weekend before, so I got the bright idea to volunteer. It was F@#$ing freezing for sure. I do run outside through the winter, but I infrequently race. I have never run in the F^3 (as it is now known). Well, like my post from yesterday said, “never say never.”

REM-Fit F^3 Half Marathon logo

The nice folks at REM-Fit are sponsoring the F^3 Lake Half Marathon this year and they offered me and one lucky reader a free entry. To be honest, my volunteer stint did not make me super interested in this run, but they moved it to Soldier Field where it will be warmer pre and post (at least there will be indoor bathrooms!) And, it starts at 10:00 AM which feels pretty leisurely. Like Emily said in her giveaway post, she has heard rave reviews from Erin, AmandaKelly, Maggie, and Maureen and it is “definitely a ‘badge of honor’ race.” Yup, runners, we’re just different.

REM-Fit is offering a free race registration ($70 value) to one lucky reader. As a BONUS, REM-Fit will also provide the giveaway winner with the new REM-Fit Active, which is a sleep and activity tracker. (More details to come on that soon! It’s brand new!)

Race 411:

  • Date: Saturday, January 24, 2015
  • Time: 10:00 AM CST
  • Location: Start and Finish Soldier Field. Check out the course map.
Here is the swag

Here is the swag

  • Swag: A beanie hat, tech gloves, and a finisher medal (Yes, that is a bottle opener. You deserve a whole 6 pack for this one!)

Want to win? Use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Giveaway ends Monday 12/29 giving you plenty of time to train and toughen up! Not up for the half marathon? They have a 5K option, too. (Still pretty bad ass!) Giveaway includes race entry and fitness tracker only. Any travel or race related expenses are not included. You run the race at your own risk. Giveaway runs through Sunday 12/28 and a winner will be selected and notified on 12/29. Offer is void where prohibited.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What crazy things are you planning to keep up your fitness level this winter?

PS. Don’t miss Emily’s giveaway – ends 12/22.



  1. Emily says:

    This seems so crazy… It would be fun!

    The craziest race I ever ran was the Disney world marathon. Not so crazy, but I did it with a broken elbow and a full arm cast!

    I def prefer the cold over the heat.

  2. If I win, I will do it. It can’t be crazier than any of the other training we are going to have to do!

  3. Beth DeMars says:

    I need some motivation to increase my mileage.

  4. I’m not sure what the craziest race I’ve ever done is…. but I did do 2 fulls and 1 ultra all within 6 weeks. That’s pretty crazy. Extreme hot or cold?? Hm… I guess extreme cold bc you can layer up.

  5. Amanda C. says:

    Crazy race: Santa Speedo run mid-Dec in the Boston snow w/o an alcohol jacket ’cause I had a sinus infection. Brrrr. Also laughing, because I never knew what F^3 stood for! Amazing.

  6. Mike W says:

    Craziest race – probably the Cross Country Challenge in Gilberts, IL (unfortunately cancelled indefinitely). I’ll take the cold; you can always put on more clothes.

  7. I ran this last year. That day I had to run 19 miles. So I ran 4 before and 1 after. The conditions were awful. I remember at mile 1 wondering how I was going to do 17 more. The race definitely helped me get through the run otherwise it would have probably been a very long treadmill day.

  8. Megan T says:

    I don’t think this is too crazy…but getting out of bed before the sun rises!

  9. Keri says:

    I prefer cold!

  10. I prefer cold. My body does NOT appreciate hot. Craziest race I’ve ever run? Hmm… that’s tough… but probably RnR Chicago in 2010 when it was super humid (90%ish at the start), and I left a sweaty butt print everywhere afterwards. Good times.

  11. lauren says:

    Chicago Half Marathon in…2008? The city was flooding that morning.

  12. BreannaS says:

    last year I ran a thanksgiving 5k in single digit wind chills. That is the craziest race I have done yet.

  13. liz l says:

    I rather cold, an extreme was BR Half. Cars coming for us and no one stopping traffic!

  14. Kristen says:

    Okay this race sounds awesome! I’m debating signing up for a race here in Anchorage in January…so far it hasn’t bee too cold here so I’m hoping it stays that way! Winter racing is definitely tough but I think it’s easier than running in the summer. Have fun at the race!

    • Erica A says:

      Anchorage!? November was cold here but December has been mild. Fingers crossed for January! I think Anchorage was warmer than Chicago last winter. No polar vortex! Let me know if you do the race and how it goes!

  15. Jen says:

    I didn’t think the NYC marathon was going to be my craziest race, but that wind on the Verrazno Bridge was definitely my craziest race experience!

  16. Amy S says:

    none of my races have been too crazy, although Boston 2007 Nor’easter is probably the craziest experience. I have never started a race in a shower cap besides that one 🙂 I would prefer extreme cold as long as there is no ice/slippery footing to deal with.

  17. I would say Goofy Challenge in January. I prefer cold too.

  18. Carla Minner says:

    I joined a gym to exercise during the week.

  19. Ragnar was my craziest “race”, it was so much fun, but I am not sure I would do it again! I def prefer the cold to the heat, I’d rather go out in negative degrees than over 80!

  20. Julie Molenar says:

    i love cold running. Not freezing, but cold!

  21. cheryla lister says:

    My husband raced a train once. I prefer cold weather.

  22. My craziest race was a Tough Mudder. I’ve done two of them, but I am done with them now. It was a nice bucket-list item. I definitely prefer the heat.

  23. […] for entering my giveaway. For the rest of you, please make sure to enter Emily’s giveaway or Erica’s Giveaway. You may just win entry into the race […]

  24. cindy villegas says:

    Ready to kill those miles in the winter.. love running is my passion and i really really love this medal !!:) can’t wait to see the great running community in chicago !

  25. Kristi L says:

    The craziest race I ever did was the Muddy Buddy. It was so much fun. I was bummed that it wasn’t run this past year.

  26. Heather Haynes says:

    I do not believe I have done a crazy race yet. Then again I am a runner and we all know our standards of crazy are different then others. I will say i have run Chicago Marathon in 2012 and that was Crazy Awesome! As for what type of weather i enjoy i would have to go with extreme cold. They is something refreshing about it afterwards and the challenge feels great. Plus i perform better in the cold.

  27. Jennifer j-w says:

    I’ve run when it’s been in the single digits. That wasn’t as bad as running in sleet, though, which I’ve also done.

  28. I way prefer cold races. The craziest race I ever did was a half Ironman in a 100+ degree day. I couldn’t get enough fluids in on the bike and the run was a total sufferest. I finished almost an hour slower than I expected.

  29. MARTHAIA says:

    Enjoy running in COLD weather !!!!!

  30. Scott says:

    a 10k trail run that I found out afterwards that bears and mountain lions were seen during course setup.

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