Finds’ Faves Stocking Stuffers for Fit Folks/Runners #Giveaway(s)

Welcome to my last holiday gift guide of 2014! I had some great gift suggestions for all of the runners and most everyone else on your list this year.  And now, stocking stuffers (or Hanukkah goodies)! I have tested out and used SO many awesome products this year. Without further ado, awesome stocking stuffers for the fit folks and runners in your life! Oh, and I have some great giveaways, too! Read to the end and enter to win!

Finds' Faves Stocking Stuffers

I am giving away all of the starred items!

If you ever read this blog, you know I love my energy bars and hydration products. These are great stocking stuffers – healthy and practical! You can head to Whole Foods, REI or even better buy online from Finds’ fave The Feed and get $5 off with this link. I love The Feed because you can try single items or flavors to test all kinds of new products. What would please a runner more than some new energy bars and fuels? A variety pack!

My picks for the food/fuel stuffer category*:

  • Simple Squares – This Finds’ fave has two new amazing flavors Cho-Coco and Chili-Pep. These and my other faves (Coconut and Sage) have only 5 ingredients. They are all natural, made with only whole, raw foods and are just delicious. Oh, and one lucky winner will get 6 Simple Squares in the flavor of his/her choice. Keep reading to the end for the giveaway! (Note: Full review of the new flavors coming in January to start the year off healthy + a giveaway.)
  • FLYJOY is a delicious and healthy snack bar made with crunchy quinoa, chia seeds, ground flax, and oats. It comes in 6 unique flavors, and every bar is gluten free, Kosher certified, non-GMO and vegan. There are 6 awesome flavors. My faves are Espresso Cacoa Nib and Coconut Almond. You can get a starter kit with 2 of each for $19.99. Plus, Flyjoy will give one lucky reader a box of 12 of the flavor of his or her choice. Keep reading to the end for the giveaway! (Note: Full review all of the Flyjoy coming in January to start the year off healthy + a giveaway.)
  • GU and GU Brew – Every runner needs fuel and hydration. Some of my faves this year are from GU. GU Energy Gel in Espresso Bean and new Salted Caramel are my picks. GU Brew has been reformulated and comes in handy new packs – Ice Tea is my favorite! I loved Watermelon GU Chomps for my summer long runs, too!
  • SOS Rehydrate is a new sports drink with “a laser focus on hydration.” This fast-acting electrolyte replacement drink was developed to prevent and fight mild to moderate dehydration from active lifestyles. It has 50% more electrolytes and 75% less carbohydrates than other sports drinks. Each box has 5 sticks for $7.99. Great stocking stuffer! I will send one lucky reader a box of my fave flavor – Blueberry! Keep reading to the end for the giveaway.
  • Want someone to pick out all of the best goodies for you? Try a Runnerbox is a subscription box for runners (and they have one for bikers and one for triathletes, too!) You know I love my subscription boxes and this is a great one for runners. You can gift a one time gift box (a/k/a a runner stocking!) for $24.95 or a longer subscription. Your runners will thank you for this one.  Get 10% off all products in our their web store with code ERICAFINDSRB.

* There are too many other awesome bars, fuels and hydration options I love to mention them all here, but take a look at my giveaways this year or take a look at The Feed. Any questions, leave them in the comments and I will let you know my opinion!

In addition to food and fuel, runners love accessories and gadgets! Here are some of my picks:

  • My friends at Outdoor Tech sent me some Yowies to giveaway when I tested out the awesome Orcas Wireless Earbuds. Made of wicking polyester microfiber, this soft and stretchy tube sized at 10″ x 20″ is designed to perform a variety of functions. Wear it as a facemask, beanie, headband, neck scarf, wrist band, scrunchie or create your own use. This is a great accessory all throughout the year. The Yowies are $11.95 and come in awesome patterns. I have a Do Work (pink logo) one and an awesome Magic Beanstalk pattern one to give away. They also have an awesome “Arctic Yowie” with 10 inches of fleece added for extra warmth for only $14.95!
  • Speaking of winter necessities, I love the Pearl Izumi Shine Wind Mitts that I got last year from Santa. They are awesome gloves with wind blocking mittens you can pull over your fingers on windy days!
  • Beanies from Smart Wool are awesome on not too freezing days or layered on the coldest days. This awesome one is on sale now at REI for $16.49 and I have one to give away to one lucky winner!
  • The Infinity Strap is a yoga strap that is connected like an infinity symbol so that it is easy to use and not clumsy like traditional yoga straps. It is a perfect stretching tool for runners! I love mine. You can see video of Finds’ fave pilates instructor, Maureen, demonstrating how to use the Infinity Strap HERE. Infinity straps come in regular and stretch and in a variety of colors and sizes. Get 20% off all Infinity Straps and DVDs with the code ERICAAGRAN.
  • HB Tune is my fave for bringing my phone on the run. It is made of neoprene and is sweat-resistant, the phone can be used/controlled through the plastic, there is a snap to hold in phone and an adjustable strap. The HB Tune comes in several sizes (for a variety of smart phones) and is intended to fit even large cases. I recommend this to EVERYONE who wants to run with a phone! HB Tune has a pocket for a key/money/ID, too. This is a great gift for the runners in your life at $24.99!
  • An awesome idea for runners who head to destination races or people with gym bags that need some organizing is a set of Re-Pac reusable snack bags. The set includes 1 quart bag, 2 sandwich bags and 1 snack bag. These are reusable, sturdy, washable and are even made in the USA. When I travel, I have one for food, one for cords, one for… well you get the picture! Great for everyone on your list at $22.00 for a set of 4. I have a set to give away, too!

Phew! So many great options and 6 items to give away – 7 winners in all! I will use the Rafflecopter to pick 7 winners. The prizes will be awarded in the order they are listed in the post in the order of winners selected. Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter. US residents, age 18 and over only, please. The offer is void where prohibited. The contest runs through Thursday, December 18th. Winners will be selected and notified on Friday, December 19th. Christmas delivery is not guaranteed.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Did I miss any of your faves? Please tell me about it in the comments!

Please note: I was not compensated by these vendors for this post. I was given samples of some products to test for review at no cost in exchange for honest reviews throughout the year. I purchased some products and some prizes have been furnished by the vendors. All opinions are my own.



  1. Marcia says:

    Those wind mittens sound mighty nice for winter!

  2. Jeffrey says:

    The Wind Mittens would be awesome, they would really come in HANDy!

  3. Holly E says:

    The Simple Squares look pretty good.

  4. Renata S says:

    Flyjoy bars sound interesting and healthy to try!
    Protein bars and powders are my favorite stocking stuffer!

  5. I’m getting a pair of wind mittens for xmas and I am sooooo excited. I need me some of those CEP Merino socks though.

  6. Tamara N says:

    I know that I would really like the pearl izumi shine wind mitts.

  7. Vera K says:

    The Pearl Izumi Shine Wind Mitts sound great. I have to admit one of my favorite stocking stuffers is chocolate (bad I know)….

  8. KV says:

    I like the HB Tune to use while I workout.

  9. Shiduna Townsend says:

    I would love to win the Smart Wool beanie and you can never have to many socks as stocking stuffers!

  10. Amy Lauren says:

    I’d love to try the Gu Brew.

  11. Joanna says:

    The wind mittens would be awesome! My fingers always get cold while running!

  12. Dave Burns says:

    Pearl Izumi Shine Wind Mitts, it get pretty cold in Massachusetts

  13. Lauren says:

    I love trying any new nutrition or hydration option!

  14. Keri says:

    the simply squares sound delicious!

  15. Laurel C says:

    I’ve never tried Flyjoy before, I’m really interested in that! All of those are great stocking stuffers 🙂

  16. Julie says:

    The beanie from Smart Wool looks great, I think I’d love to win that!

  17. Christine says:

    Those mittens! My hands freeze when i run, regardless of what I wear.

  18. Paige says:

    The flyboy bars sound good! I love getting giftcards for whole foods, Starbucks, yogurtland etc in my stocking!

  19. Allison says:

    I’m liking the idea of the boxes more and more – so easy! I often resort to gloves/socks for stocking stuffers.

  20. Jill Y says:

    Those mitts sound awesome, but I like to put candy in my stockings and underwear! =)

  21. Amanda C. says:

    Smart Wool hat and Pearl Izumi gloves sound like amazing stocking stuffers!

  22. Sara says:

    Great options! I need the Pearl Izumi Shine Wind Mitts for the cold months ahead.

  23. Dandi D says:

    I’d really like to try the FlyJoy bars!

  24. Helga says:

    I would like to try the GU

  25. Erica says:

    I would choose the salted Carmel gu, it is already on my Christmas list!

  26. My stocking is usually my favorite part of Christmas. Sometimes the knick knacks are the best. I always like getting the running accessories in my stocking.

  27. Katie says:

    The running mitts. My hands are always what get cold first when I’m running in the winter

  28. Ray says:

    Simple Squares sounds tasty! I like food treats for stocking stuffers.

  29. Joy says:

    simple squares sound delicious!

  30. Kris I. says:

    I want to try the fly joy; sounds yummy!

  31. shaunie says:

    I am excited about the HB Tune

  32. Maryann D. says:

    I think I would like the FLYJOY best. I need terrific snacks for work. I always like dark chocolate in my stocking!

  33. Erin R. says:

    I’ve been wanting to try reusable bags. I wash ziplocks all the time but it would be nice to have real bags.

  34. Caroline says:

    Ah they all look so good! I’d especially like to try the mittens or the hyrdration

  35. Jenn says:

    I love trying new nutrition options!!!

  36. Georgiana says:

    Simple Squares would be yummy! I like makeup for a stocking stuffer too.

  37. liz l says:

    Beanie from Smart Wool

  38. Julie G says:

    the flyjoy bars look good.. I enjoy anything running related in my stocking..

  39. Lisa Jones says:

    Would love the Runnerbox as I’m always looking to try new things.

  40. Ken Christensen says:

    The wind mittens sound very nice

  41. Ruth Christensen says:

    Wind Mittens sound warm 🙂 Anything run related

  42. Meghan says:

    The wind mitts, for sure!

  43. Tessa says:

    I love the SmartWool beenie

  44. Melissa Anderson says:

    A beanie from SmartWool would be awesome!

  45. cheryla lister says:

    I would choose the Flyjoy. They sound o healthy. My favorite stocking stuffer is a scented candle.

  46. Kelly F says:

    I would really like to try the FlyJoy! Mm! 🙂

  47. BreannaS says:

    the hb tune and the mittens would be at the top of my list.

  48. rachel says:

    RunnerBox sounds like fun!

  49. Danielle says:

    The Wind Mitts.

  50. Would love to try the Infinity Strap!

  51. Sadie B. says:

    Excited about the Beanies from Smart Wool.

  52. Jennifer says:

    The FLYJOY bars sound really yummy!

  53. I’ve never tried any yowies, sound really neat!
    Such fun stuff Erica.

  54. Kristi L says:

    I think the smartwool beanie is super appealing and it would also fit well in my stocking.

  55. Jenny says:

    The mittens like everyone else!

  56. Emily says:

    I like the HB tune!

  57. Lisa says:

    Like the RePac bags!

  58. Millie B says:

    OMG they all look absolutly amazing but i think the flyjoy one looks sooooo good! ahh cant wait (fingers crossed!)

  59. lauren says:

    The Gu!

  60. Amy S says:

    HB TUNE! I love getting small beauty products as stocking stuffers, particularly hand creams!!

  61. itzia says:

    i really like the wind mitt.

  62. Steph Engelbrecht says:

    My husband would love everything about this stocking stuffer!

  63. Scott says:

    I would love to win a beanie, or really anything.

  64. lana simanovicki says:

    i like the mittens

  65. Stephanie K. says:

    I’m interested in the Yowies! I would love to win this!

    The Re-Pac reusable snack bags are a great product to give as stocking stuffers (and to win over converts).

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