A Running List : My 2014 Running Year in Review

In 2013, my running goals were “to continue to run strong and to have fun with it.” It was a big success! In 2014, I wanted to stay injury free and keep having fun. There was a lot of running and funning and no big injuries!  This year, I did run the farthest but not the fastest and I had a blast. I ran almost 2,300 miles this year including 2 marathons, a 6 hour run (33 miles) and 9 half marathons so far this year and I have one more on December 28th in San Diego, CA. See my quarterly reviews for race summaries and products I loved. (Q1, Q2, Q3)

Miles and smiles on the front half of 2014!

Miles and smiles on the front half of 2014!

Here is my 2014 running year in review:

# of Miles Run – 2287 (and counting)

# of Races Run– 28 – will be 29 by 12/31 that is 3 less than last year! I did run a progressive race and timed run/ultra (6 hours on a one mile loop) this year for the first time. I also ran a back to back 5K/10K at the Ridge Run with 30 minutes in between. Most of the results are on Athlinks if you are interested.

# of Miles Run in Races – 260.6 (will be 273.7) – 41 miles less raced than last year.

And the fun continues

And the fun continues

Races Run– 28 (will be 29) – marathons (2), half marathons (9 – will be 10), 10 milers (1), 10K (5 – 5 more than last year and best time since 2005), 5.4 mile trail (1), 8k (2), 5k (6), a “progressive race” – 12 miles in 5 segments and a 6 hour timed ultra run (1 – 33 miles)

# of Age Group Awards-17! One more than last year, though I would have guessed less. My times were better last year for the most part. I guess I chose better this year 🙂

Fun Race DestinationsNYC (2), Houston, Cincinnati and San Diego (on 12/28)

Coolest Non-Race Runs: – Dominican Republic, NJ at By Pond Farm, Central Park

Best Race– I had a few good times/good strategy runs this year. The “best” has to be NYC marathon, though. Despite very high winds and cold temps, I had a solid performance and finished with a smile on my face! And now, I am guaranteed entry FOR LIFE since it was my 15th! I was proud of my pacing at the Schaumburg Half Marathon, a strong finish at the Chicago Half Marathon and a strong 10K (and 3rd place female finish) at Run10Feed10.

Worst Race– None. I was grateful for all of them again this year. That said, the heat/my poor pacing in the Zooma Women’s Half and the heat/humidity in the Magnificent Mile Half the following Sunday made me wonder about the rest of the year’s races. [I did fine for the rest of the year.]

Funning: #poparazzi, Viewsport Run More Than Your Mouth

Funning: #poparazzi, Viewsport Run More Than Your Mouth and Our New Track + I’m a Greatist

Star Sightings:  In July, I met Rita Jeptoo and took a selfie with her. In August, a bunch of us went to a Fleet Feet Chicago event and met Lauren Fleshman and, yes, she is as cool and down to earth as she seems in Runner’s World! In September, I saw Deena Kastor on the Chicago Lakefront Trail twice. I congratulated her on her kick ass 1/2 in Philly and she turned, said “Thank you” and waved. Molly and I went to a Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me fundraiser run with Peter Sagal. Soon after, I met Bart Yasso and got his autograph!

Get this free Moxie performance t if you register for any Esprit de She 2015 event by 12/31. Please use code EDS012 so they know I sent you!

Get this free MPG performance t if you register for any Esprit de She 2015 event by 12/31. Please use code EDS012 so they know I sent you!

Ambassadorships: Zooma Women’s Run Half Marathon, Esprit de She Chicago and Christmas in July 6 Hour Run. Zooma has AWESOME swag and great post race. I would love to check out one of their other cities! Esprit de She has a great post run festival (wine and lots of it!) and good spirit. Christmas in July was my toe dip in the water for ultras. The other runners were so nice and supportive. It was quite an experience!

Bonus: Register for Esprit de She Chicago 5K/10K or any national Esprit de She event before Dec. 31 and you’ll get a limited edition MPG top and more. Please use promo code EDS012 so they know I sent you.

Personal Records (PRs)- 0. Should have run that 12K – LOL!

Number of Sidelining Injuries0. Yay! Thank you Pilates, body weight strength training, cross training and rest-and a little bit of luck.

Best Running Advice I Received This Year: Eat real food.

Best New Running Product I Tried: This is SO tough – like picking a favorite child, friend or pet. The list is long and I recommend you check out all of the awesome products I checked out this year! Go to giveaways and review. I may do a whole separate post on this!

Popular Running Posts:

For a blogging runner, that’s a lot of running blogging! My goals for 2015 are to stay injury free, keep having fun and try for some time goals that I have in mind!

What running stuff would you like to see here in 2015? How was your year in running??



  1. Wow, what a great year for you!

    I love the format you use to set it up too.

  2. Felecia says:

    That is so inspiring. I ran my first 5k this year and it was a lot of fun. Hopefully I will be able to do more next year! Good luck on your last race of the year.

  3. Kim says:

    Keep hitting the pavement and moving forward. Your posts provide such inspiration to those who are afraid of running. Namely me!

  4. Gina says:

    Wow congrats on an epic running year!! I loved hearing about your races and your coolest non-race runs. It sounds like an incredible journey and it’s getting me pumped to amp up my running in the new year. Cheers to you for a great holiday season!

  5. Congrats on a great running year! See you in 6 days!

  6. Meg says:

    That is A LOT of running! My goal is to complete my first half marathon in March – although I in no way describe myself as a runner or a jogger…maybe a walker. This should be interesting!

  7. Meghan says:

    You’ve had such an awesome year! Congrats on all of the AG awards, too! Can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for you!

  8. Holly E says:

    What a great year! Congrats on all of your achievements.

  9. UM Why am I not included in the celebrity sightings?????
    Happy Holidays my dear!

  10. Yay for staying injury free! Looks like you had a great year 🙂 17 Age Awards is super impressive. I hope we get to run together in 2015! Happy Holidays.

  11. Great year of running and blogging!!

  12. What an awesome year! And I love the format you used. I’m planning on posting my year review and may do a similar layout of you don’t mind! 🙂

  13. Amy S says:

    AMAZEBALLS. you are so inspiring!

  14. Kim M says:

    What is your favorite Chicago Race?

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  16. Bradley says:

    Wow! A very impressive running year! I’m hoping to get in one race per month, but not a whole lot more than that. I have great respect for runners like you…pushing their limits, and having such amazing success! Congrats!

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