A New Finds’ Fave: Delos Wellness + Another Fitness Preview

2014-11-28 11.59.41-2Knock on wood, I have one more race this year and am finishing the year healthy and strong. Even so, I was very curious when I was contacted by Delos Wellness to check out their unique approach to pain management and bodywork for better athletic performance. Like most runners, I always want to do better and feel better, too.

I was invited to try Delos Wellness at no cost. Actually, everyone is invited for a 25 minute free evaluation. Once I got over not getting special treatment, I headed over to the River North location in the David Barton Gym to learn more and test out this bodywork method. There is a second location in Lincoln Park at 2150 N Southport.

delos wellness

That’s Eric!

Eric met me at the desk. I completed a history form and we discussed that I was not in pain, but that I am extremely tight and feel like I have limited movement in my pelvis and hips. He explained that their method is different than ART (active release therapy) or MAT (muscle activation therapy). He told me that it was created by his dad, an engineer, in the 80s. He developed a shoulder injury playing table tennis and found that the only relief he got was through pressure. He perfected the method and then trained others including Eric (who was a champion tennis table player, as well!)

Delos Wellness has an innovative approach that focuses on micro-stretching and relieving muscular congestion. Eric explained that he and their therapists can alleviate pain that drugs, surgery or classic physical therapy couldn’t fix. So, what is it and why should you try it? They say:

What is Delos Therapy?

Delos Therapy is a precise, state of the art manual therapy for chronic pain and pain management. Direct pressure is applied to detailed points along the entire muscle, which forces a stretch of the myofibrils and individual muscle fibers, relieves hyper-contraction and congestion, and results in restored function and relief.

Why Should I Try Delos Therapy?

Muscles make up, on average, 36-42% of your body’s weight. The repetitive motions of day-to-day life cause muscles to contract and relax, eventually leading to knots, congested tissue and muscle tightness. This in turn can lead to dysfunction, disability, and the chronic pain you may be experiencing. Since the mechanism of this chronic pain remains unknown, traditional therapies emphasize managing the symptoms of chronic pain rather than the underlying cause, and therefore may focus on nerves, tendons and bones rather than the muscles and the fascia.

OK, so does it work? Eric and I discussed an old hamstring issue that flares up. He decided to focus on my glutes and hamstrings to help with that and my tight hips. He worked while explaining that the Delos method is to apply direct pressure to points along the entire muscle. This forces a stretch of the muscle fibers and restores the muscle’s function. He agreed that I was in fact “really tight.” He worked on my glutes and hamstrings for about 25 minutes and had me walk around. I did feel looser and was able to move my hips more easily. He mentioned that many people who get sidelined and then treated with their method see good performance when they return because of improved muscle function. Well, I felt good and more flexible. I can’t attribute it all to Eric but I ran a great half marathon the next day and my legs felt very fresh and “loose.” Some of this could be psychological, but I did notice a difference!

If you’re experiencing pain in your joints or your muscles, or just feel super tight, you can get a free evaluation. Then, they offer 25 minute sessions ($55) and 50 minute sessions ($99). The amount of time needed is determined by how much muscle you need to have worked on. If you have one tight muscle/area, 25 minutes should work, but if it is a system of muscles, you may need 50. Eric told me that each treatment improves the mobility/flexibility of the muscle, but that most issues take several sessions and weeks to resolve. As you can imagine, muscles can easily stiffen back – especially if they have been that way for a long time! Great news, they have discounts for packages of sessions and they take flexible spending accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA).


Even better, Delos Wellness is offering 15% off on a 3 pack of sessions through 12/31. Just mention this offer. And, if you are a CARA member, you can get 20% off through 12/31 (see discount in CARA Community Partners). [My CARA Discounts post was one of my first and most popular – check it out here.] I will also have a 3 session giveaway in January so you can get a healthier start in the new year! In the mean time, you can keep up with Delos Wellness on Facebook and Twitter.

Kore Extreme ThermXRoller

Kore Extreme ThermXRoller

Not in Chicago? Stay tuned for my Kore Extreme ThermXRoller review and giveaway in the new year. ThermXRoller™ is specially designed to provide a pressure massage and relieve aches. And the coolest thing? These foam rollers have 100% natural cotton covers made of natural corn that can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer. Combined with their “X” shape design, they are perfect for pain relief and stretching in the low back, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and outer thighs. In the mean time, you can keep up with Kore Fit on Twitter or Facebook. And now you can save $25 on any purchase from Kore Fit with code START15.

What methods have you tried to maintain your running when feeling some pain?

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  1. I visited Delos earlier this year, and though it was far from the most comfortable experience of my life (I was so, so tight!), it definitely did help out my persistent shoulder pain, at least for the moment. I was really impressed!

  2. I have been wondering if I should try this out. My hamstring and flutes are nagging me and nothing is loosening them up. Maybe I will need to try the evaluation out.

  3. BreannaS says:

    I always seem to go to stretching and strength training when I am having trouble with pain. I should keep it up even when I am running pain free.

  4. Maryann D. says:

    I never heard of this, but I have been to regular physical therapy for pain. I would love to try this for my elbows that I have damaged from doing too much shoveling snow.

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