On the Go Snacks – Reviews and (A Bunch of) Giveaways!

Eating healthy on the go can be a big challenge. It is so easy to grab whatever is around. I find this is especially true for airplane flights/airports and long work meetings. Why are those big cookies at work meetings still a temptation? They are usually not even that good…but I digress. I was fortunate to try some awesome new (to me) on the go snacks recently. Even better, FOUR awesome companies also offered product giveaways so you can enter to win to try them, too!


olomomo-logo-2013-webI went to the Ideaction Corps launch party and the folks at Olomomo Nuts had donated some delicious snacks to go with the local beer.  So, of course, I checked out their website and fell even more in love with them (and Stacy nudged me to reach out to them, too). Their mission: Be Nutty.  Be Good.  Be Adventurous.” Sound like my kind of people! Olomomo is an offshoot of The Good Nuts a farmer’s market stand in Boulder, CO.

Olomomo® (pronounced “o-lo-MO-mo”) means “Momo’s world” and refers to the nutty adventures of “Momo” the monkey. Their roasted nuts are a micro-batch, premium, high-energy, amino acid and protein-rich snack. In case you are interested, I asked if Olomomo was a real monkey or an imaginary one and Justin was nice enough to reply with the following:

“Momo the monkey is an imaginary character based on the Mezoamerican “monkey god” of luck, happiness and dance – Ozomatli.  He shows up as a symbol in all kinds of central American and Mexican art.  I met Momo, so to speak, in Oaxaca, Mexico, where I had the luck to be given a tour of an 80-year old textile artisan’s hacienda…  The metaphor for what I was trying to do with food was perfect.  The monkey symbol was perfect for the brand I had in mind, and Momo he was named.  The brand is all about inspiring people to be every day heroes, push their limits, and explore new experiences while doing more good. “

Open CaddiesOlomomo was nice enough to send me a 1.5 oz package of each of their four flavors of almonds: Chai Bliss, Mango Chipotle Zinger. Cherry Vanilla Drea and Righteous Cinnamon Cayenne. At the launch party, we tried the Cherry Vanilla Dream and Chai Bliss (apparently a favorite of astronaut Charlie Duke – the 10th man to walk on the moon according to Justin!). I loved the sweet, nutty flavors. After receiving the samples, we tried the Righteous Cinnamon Cayenne and Mango Chipotle Zinger. I like all of the flavors, but I was surprised to find that the Mango Chipotle Zinger are my favorite – the husband, too. They have a great kick and are very satisfying!

The good folks at Olomomo are offering two readers each a sampler pack of all four kinds. Keep reading and enter the giveaway at the end of the post! And if you sign up for their email list, you will get a coupon for 20% off of your order, too! 


bars_snacks_13The Good Bean launched in September 2010 with a line of first-to-market all-natural roasted chickpea snacks in 4 flavors. These are a great alternative to chips, nuts, pretzels and popcorn – gluten-free, nut-free, high protein, high fiber, and low fat. More recently, they launched a second product line, The Good Bean Fruit & No-Nut Bar, a line of snack bars in the fruit & nut bar category. They replaced the nuts with high-fiber, high-protein chickpeas for a bar that has 40-60% less fat than the competition (and good for people with nut allergies, too). All products use Fair-Trade and clean-processed ingredients.

They sent me 2 serving packs of all 4 flavors of roasted chick pea snacks: Sweet Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper and Smoky Chili and Lime and all three flavors of fruit and NO nut bars: Apricot Coconut, Fruit & Seeds Trail Mix and Chocolate Berry.

The snacks are SO good and the 2 oz bags are the perfect size for me. Each serving is 140 calories and the servings are pretty good size and filling (because chickpeas are pretty light!) I gobbled up the Sweet Cinnamon (great way to have something a bit sweet but not TOO sweet) and the Cracked Pepper as afternoon snacks. I brought the Sea Salt and Smoky Chili and Lime to a work meeting. After a few snarky remarks about me and my health foods, we started passing them around and basically wound up fighting over them! They were gone in about 2 minutes! Consensus was that the Sea Salt were the favorite and folks wanted more! It is hard to pick a favorite and I will definitely be buying these. If you forced me, I would say Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper are my favorites followed very closely by Sweet Cinnamon.

The bars are great for people who can’t eat nuts. I found them a bit bland compared to the snacks and other bars that I normally eat. I liked the Chocolate Berry best and would definitely be happy to have one of these over a granola bar any day, because they have a better glycemic index.

The good folks at The Good Bean are offering two readers each 3 chickpea snacks and 2 Fruit & No-Nut Bars (your choice of flavors). Keep reading and enter the giveaway at the end of the post!


Core Foods makes “portable (vegan) food bars” in Warrior (High Protein) and Defender (High Fiber) Bars. CORE Meals are fresh portable food. They’re as convenient as packaged products, but “they’re not candy, they’re food.” Each meal provides “4 hours of stable, balanced energy”. You can grab these bars instead of breakfast when you’re in a rush, or after a workout for a solid recovery.

Why is this food healthy? Here’s their short answer:

  • “FRESH. Our food goes bad quickly. It doesn’t sit on the shelf forever.
  • FOOD. We use 5-7 raw organic, locally grown ingredients. We leave out the candy.
  • NOT FOR PROFIT. We focus on quality, and leave the money out of it.”

That’s pretty cool. But how do they taste? They sent me a 3 pack of the Defender Meals : Raw Almond Raisin, Raw Cashew Cacao and Raw Walnut Banana. I tried them in that order, too! I tried half of an Almond Raisin before a long run. These bars are not sweet and are very dense and filling. I found that the half a bar kept me full for the run (but not overly full). The “not sweet” taste was good for me, too. If I eat sweets for breakfast, I find that I crave sweets all day. I shared the Cashew Cacoa with Stacy and Molly on our way to the Cleveland Half Marathon this weekend. I always have to remind myself that cacao is not sweet. This bar was also dense and filling. We all liked it and agreed it would be a great go-to breakfast for busy mornings in the office and traveling. I tried the Walnut Banana this morning and it was also a winner. I think it was my favorite, actually, which surprised me. All in all, I really like these bars meals and can’t wait to try the Warrior version, too.

Core Foods will send one lucky reader the Defender 3 pack that I tried.  Keep reading and enter the giveaway at the end of the post! You can also get a coupon for $5 off by signing up for their newsletter.


cocogpAs a runner, I am always looking for ways to stay hydrated especially on the go – enter Cocogo. I hate all of the chemicals and sugars in some popular energy drinks. I was super excited when the folks at Cocogo offered to send me a box of their Coconut Water + Lemon Lime hydration packs (just add water) and a few of the Grape and Raspberry Passion Fruit to try, too. These are made with coconut water and pressed fruit. See how they compare to other sports drinks.

I love lemon lime drinks and this was my favorite flavor. I liked that the flavor was not too strong and it was not too sweet. I normally cut sports drinks with water and the packet in a 16 oz glass was perfect for me. I expected to like the grape flavor the least, but was pleasantly surprised. It was the second best for me. I shared some Cocogo packs with Stacy and Molly at the NYC Half Marathon a while ago. They both liked the Lemon Lime best, as well. They agreed that it was not too strong or sweet and liked the fact that it is all natural. Molly’s husband even mixed it with some spirits – good way to stay hydrated, Bri! Each packet has only 34 calories so it is similar to one of the low cal sports drink options. Check out some testimonials on their site.

Cocogo will send two lucky winners a box of the flavor of their choice. Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below. You can also get free shipping from the Cocogo store with the code FRSH4COCOGO. Also available from Amazon.com and get free shipping with Amazon’s new “Add on program” – learn more HERE.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 8.28.49 PM

You can enter the giveaways using the Rafflecopter widget below. Please don’t forget to click the green button on each entry you choose. If you already like my page on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter, click that button on the Rafflecopter and get credit! The giveaway is open through the end of the day on Monday, May 27th. I will select and notify 7 winners on Tuesday, May 28th.  One prize per winner. Only valid for participants in the US at this time. Please note, leave a comment on this post if you are allergic to nuts, so if you win, you will not receive the Olomono nuts or Core Food bars. Please note that all products for review and giveaways were provided by the respective companies, but all opinions and comments are my own.

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Thank you for checking out these new on the go snacks! What is your on the go “go-to”?

PS. For more healthy travel tips, check out this post of Stay Health Travel Tips from Amanda Skrip!



  1. Lisa says:

    I like the Olomomo nuts — tried them in a Blissmo box a while back. Yummy! The Good Bean snacks are pretty good too, I think I had those from a Goodies box.

  2. Sweet find on the coconut water. Super intrigued!

  3. Georgiana says:

    I enjoy snacking on KIND bars as a portable snack option on the go. The Olomomo Cherry Vanilla Drea interests me the most too!

  4. Amy Lauren says:

    I really like Lara Bars for snacking, but I’d love to try the Artisan nuts in this giveaway.

  5. Jen says:

    Needed these snacks last week when I had a business trip to DC. I hope I can find Olomomo and Good Bean on the go soon!

  6. Amy S says:

    The Good Bean chickpeas sound amazing! (As I sit here eating a piece of cake at my office…)

  7. Debbie Sumner says:

    Always love on the go snacks and freebies, too, as you know.
    I just heard about GoPicnic and they have a sunbutter package which is good for us…

  8. Hannah Lau says:

    My fav snacks are granola and and granola bars.
    I’d love to try the Olomomo bars!

  9. rachel says:

    I like to snack on almonds, so the Chai ones sound good!

  10. Molly says:

    loved the Core foods bar!

  11. Richard C says:

    Mmmm. Free food! Woot woot! 😉

  12. I love Chobani.
    I’d like to try Olomomo Artisan Nuts

  13. Cassie says:

    I love almonds and cashews on the go so I am most interested in the Olomomo Nuts!

  14. Jordan Dunne says:

    I love Quest bars lately as a healthy on-the-go snack. I’ve always wanted to try The Good Bean products, but the flavors of the Olomomo products just sound so amazing that I’m hoping to win for those more than anything! Cocogo sounds great, too.

  15. Dave Metcalf says:

    I use the Cocogo in my marathon training. Love the flavor and taste, but most of all, love the performance boost I get from the extra hydration this gives me during my runs !

  16. Renata S says:

    Larabars are fantastic for a healthy on-the-go snack! I’d enjoy trying the Olomomo Artisan Nuts!

  17. Marcia says:

    My go-to snack is smoked almonds from Trader Joe’s. All these sound great. I’ve tried the Core Defenders before but would love to try the Olomomo nuts!

  18. Michelle says:

    I want to try the mango chiptolte almonds!

  19. Raymond S. says:

    I enjoy trail mix with dried fruits and nuts for a hearty convenient snack and the Olomomo Nuts interest me the most! Thanks!

  20. LIsa says:

    these look yummy!

  21. Lauren K. says:

    Ahhh! I love ANYTHING almond!

  22. I’d like to try the Olomomo ones. I love having trail mixes for snacks 😀

  23. Jen says:

    Yum! My go to snack is granola and fruit 🙂

  24. Jennifer says:

    I snack on almonds & granola bars. Never heard of these products, so I’m intrigued by them all.

  25. Meryl says:

    My favorite is chocolate cherry cashew Kind Bars.

  26. Louis says:

    I like roasted lightly salted peanuts.

  27. Lesli says:

    I’d love to try The Good Bean products! All of these sound great though!

  28. Lauren says:

    Have not tried any of theses yummy snacks. Hope to fix that with a win on this give away! Love your blog, Er!

  29. Dawn Rushing says:

    The cocogo sounds the most interesting but I really want to try them all!

  30. Kimberly S says:

    The Cocogo sounds really good!! My favorite on the go snack is nut mix with cranberries and cherries or a Lara bar!!

  31. Teresa M. says:

    My on the go snack is usually a piece of fruit. I’m most interested in the core foods defender bars.

  32. Jen says:

    Good finds! The nuts and the chickpeas both sound like good new snacks!

  33. Natalie says:

    Would love to try

  34. Delane says:

    I like natural snacks like whole fruit and yogurt. But my go to packed snack are fruit and nut bars.

  35. Mahala says:

    They all look good to me!! …especially the almonds… I love all the new things I learn about from your blog!

  36. Those flavored almonds look fantastic and I love the flavor combos. I am going to keep an eye out for them (or win them from you!)

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