Tried it Tuesday: Genuine Health Probiotics #Giveaway

You may remember that I had the opportunity to try Genuine Health‘s fermented proteins and bars (review). Probiotics are all the rage these days. Fermented supplements have several benefits including improved digestion of nutrients with no bloating, better bioavailability and higher absorption of nutrients.

Genuine Health has been making all natural, non-GMO health supplements for over 20 years. All of their products are backed by research and contain only proven ingredients in clinically proven dosages. They’re passionate about healthy, happy living and they “want everyone to feel like us – every day!” They’re all about “making a healthy difference in peoples’ lives.” Solid mission!

I’ve been taking probiotics for a while now. I was excited to check out these Women’s Health Advanced Health Probiotic. They have three new varieties for Women’s Health – Mood, UTI protection and Daily. There are two non-gender specific kinds, too. They’re all gluten free, vegan, non-GMO and soy free. The “Mood” variety is specially formulated to relieve stress and improve quality of life. It is guaranteed to have 50 billion live bacteria (like my Dr. recommends!) I switched these up for my regular probiotics. I can’t say that I’ve noticed a change in my mood, but my digestion is good and I haven’t gotten sick this winter!

You don’t have to take my word for it! Genuine Health will send one lucky reader a box of Advanced Health Probiotic, too. Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter. The winner must be a US resident, 18 years of age or older and the offer is void where prohibited. The giveaway ends on January 25. A winner will be selected and notified on January 26.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don’t want to wait? You can buy Genuine Health products online or on Amazon (Prime Eligible). You can also keep up with Genuine Health on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Please note: I was offered products from Genuine Health for editorial consideration. I was not otherwise compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link for Amazon. If you use this link, I will receive a small commission. Also, please keep in mind that statements on probiotics have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



  1. Renata says:

    I do take probiotics daily and have tried a few brands. Genuine Health sounds fabulous and will definitely have to look into them. Thank you for the review and giveaway!

  2. Definite upside is not getting sick this winter….you, I mean. Usually I’m sick three or four times a winter (the joys of retail!) but this season, only once. These sound great.

  3. Kimberly G says:

    I dont take probiotics but my sister does and she highly recommends them too!

  4. Jeanne Coulombe says:

    I do take probioics every day I have celiac disease and my stomach is a mess and I find hey help so much.

  5. Raymond says:

    I’m a daily user of Probiotics and they’ve helped my digestion tremendously.

  6. Dee Johnson says:

    I do take probiotics to help my digestion.

  7. I’m currently taking one because I’m on NSAIDs for my injury, and probiotics help digestion. I’d love to try these, though.

  8. Sarah N says:

    I don’t take probiotics on a regular basis but my husband does at the recommendation of his homeopathic doctor.

  9. Helga says:

    I take probiotics in the form of kefir and apple cider vinegar daily.

  10. latanya says:

    yes, I do take them

  11. Lindsay A. says:

    I take daily probiotics, and I swear by them! I also drink 1TBSP of raw apple cider vinegar in a glassful of water twice a day.

  12. Amy D says:

    I actually just bought my daughter probiotics today, because she has digestion issues, and I also think it will help her immune system. I am actually looking for a good probiotic for myself, because I also want to take care of my gut health and strengthen my immune system. These probiotics look great. I like that they are specially formulated for women.

  13. Cindy Merrill says:

    Yes, I buy yogurt that contains active cultures and probiotics.

  14. Mary W says:

    I have taken probiotics. They are so expensive so I don’t take them as often as I would like.

  15. Amber Ludwig says:

    I do actually!! I love them and really think they help with my IBS and gut health

  16. MaryAnne JK says:

    I’ve taken them in the past, but our budget can’t handle the cost, soooooo, I’ve had to put them on the back burner for now – they DO work well though!

  17. Maryann D. says:

    I do take probiotics each day and I know they are good for me. I do like to try different brands.

  18. Mary M. says:

    I have for 20 yrs., but I stopped a few mo. ago. I need to find a good one like this that is dairy free, soy free, and non-gmo so I can safely take them.

  19. darla says:

    I used to. I stopped for some reason, just never got back into it.

  20. I don’t take one but have been meaning to start, I just haven’t done my research on a good one yet 🙂

  21. Georgiana says:

    I take probiotics daily and it has really helped my body.

  22. Susan P. says:

    I take probiotics occasionally but try to do the same with fermented foods since probiotics are expensive.

  23. ellen beck says:

    No I dont take probiotics currently. I have heard how good they are so am curious iif it boosts immunity.

  24. Alyssa Kurt says:

    I have never taken probiotics before but have become interested in them in the last year or so. I want to know how it can affect your gut health!

  25. Kris I. says:

    no I dont currently but I was thinking about it; i have stomach issues from time to time.

  26. Lesley F says:

    My husband and I both take probiotics

  27. Becca Z says:

    Yes, we take probiotics daily.

  28. jberry says:

    I do. To me it’s been an ebb and flow, not meant to be funny.

  29. sarah s says:

    I have started to take probiotics and Genuine Health sounds like a great one to try.

  30. Laurie Nykaza says:

    I take daily probiotics everyday my Dr’s put me on them

  31. Arlinda says:

    The only probiotics I ingest are in my yogurt

  32. Audrey Stewart says:

    My husband and I take them everyday.

  33. Keri says:

    I don’t take probiotics currently, but I have in the past. I eat lots of yogurt. I think the supplements help me to be more regular.

  34. Cynthia Schmied says:

    I do take probiotics and I feel they are an essential part of my day.

  35. Kellymcgrew says:

    I am on a journey to eat healthy & treat my body better, including taking supplements and would like to add probiotics to my regimen

  36. sheila ressel says:

    I take probiotics every day to support my digestive health.

  37. Edye says:

    I don’t. I’d like to start for the new year.

  38. april says:

    I do take probiotics and would love to try this brand that’s new to me.

  39. Alison Dobies says:

    Recently I made a new friend who is a mom of 2 and a nurse. I asked her for advice on staying healthy/avoiding illness and she said definitely take probiotics. I’m ready to begin!

  40. Jolene says:

    I take probiotics because it helps with my ulcerative colitis. It helps keep the nausea, upset, gas, bloating, etc. under control!

  41. Kristen says:

    I would like to start taking them after I got sick in Mexico !

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