100 Ways To Let Go of Stress (Repost)

November 1 is International Stress Awareness Day. The International Stress Management Association sent me some tips to post. I found a post from 2014 that worked better for me. So today, “speak up and speak out about stress” and mental health issues. This event started in the UK but has grown into a world wide day of awareness and observance.

Stress is inevitable. Here are 100 ways to cope with stress that I found in 2014. I was at a health fair for a client and I was sitting next to the behavioral health rep from their health insurance company. She had these nice, colorful one pagers that she was handing out to plan members. I asked if I could check them out. And voila!


100 Ways to Let Go of Stress

1. Make lists.

2. Take a deep breath.

3. Exercise.

4. Sing a song.

5. Eat right.

6. Call a friend.

7. Laugh.

8. Ask for help.


9. Smile.

10. Set goals within your reach.

11. Take breaks.

12. Put first things first.

13. Share the workload.

14. Get rid of clutter.

15. Have a hobby.

16. Keep the noise down.

17. Talk things out.

18. Think about a peaceful place.

19. Learn to relax.

20. Budget time and money.

21. Take a deep breath.

22. Massage tense muscles.

23. Reward yourself.

24. Go out for lunch.


25. Meditate

26. Set limits.

27. Focus on good thoughts.

28. Count to 10.

feel feelings

29. Feel your feelings then let them go.

30. Eat good foods.

31. Do neck rolls.

32. Work as a team.

33. Believe in others.

34. Believe in yourself.

35. Enjoy the small things.


36. Be kind.

37. Cry if you want to.

38. Remember: time does heal.

39. Go for check ups.

40. Take a walk.

41. Put things in their place.

42. Be flexible.

43. Stretch.

44. Control your weight.

45. Set deadlines that you can meet.

46. Don’t sweat the small stuff.


47. Learn to say “no.”

48. Forgive and forget.

49. Use the right tools.

50. Don’t put things off.

51. Think about your joys.

52. Encourage others.

53. Get up earlier.

54. Volunteer.

55. See problems as challenges.

56. Love others.

57. Love yourself.


58. Stop to smell the roses.

59. Never drink and drive.

60. Screen your calls.

61. Avoid needless meetings.

62. Give hugs.

63. Accept hugs.

64. Seek out positive people.

65. Be faithful.

66. Read good books.

67. Remember your triumphs.

68. Tell a joke.

img-thing69. Laugh often.

70. Go fishing.

71. Tell someone you love them.

72. Share your feelings.

73. Think about all of the good things you have done.

74. Daydream.

75. Dance.

76. Play with your pet (or someone else’s)

77. Do some yoga.

78. Give a gift.

79. Give yourself a gift.

80. Close your eyes.

81. Take up knitting or crocheting.


82. List your blessings.

83. Listen to a song that brings back great memories.

84. Write a letter or poem.

85. Paint or color.

86. Sit by a fire.

87. Look at a candle for 5 minutes.

88. Have a cup of tea.

89. Read something funny.

90. Do something good for others.

91. Do something good for yourself.

92. Take a nap.

93. Watch a sunset.


94. Watch a sunrise.

95. Do one thing at a time.

96. Take one day at a time.

97. Breathe in peace.

98. Listen.

99. Tense and real ease major muscles.

100. Play!

This list came from the Aetna Behavioral Health program (random graphics added by me).

What are your favorite ways to de-stress? Please add them in the comments.



  1. Erin R. says:

    Oh, yes, going for a walk is a major one for me, which is why summer is so rotten when it’s too hot to leave the house. Having my kitty fall asleep on me is another goody. And was introduced to guided meditation this year which is also quite nice. I always thought meditation was a bunch of bunk, just sitting around in the dark, and it never did anything for me. But the guided meditation where they talk the whole time is something my mind can get ahold of and benefit from. Medical problems and work stress have absolutely ravaged me this year. I’m desperately trying to recover and get as far away from the black hole mindset as I can. I found a few new things on this list to try! Thanks!

  2. Kimberly G says:

    Awesome list – thanks for sharing! With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s always good to find new ways to limit stress!

  3. Dana Rodriguez says:

    What a great list of ideas! I think I get the most stress during the holidays so I pinned this as a reminder 🙂

  4. Amber Ludwig says:

    Love this!! So super important!! I love to destress by connecting with nature. Hiking, swimming, walking, just anything outside. If I can’t do that then Im either at the studio poling or reading curled up on my couch. Heaven!

  5. Lisa Brown says:

    I agree with making lists. Sometimes writing out everything I need to do in the form of a schedule helps me to see that it all can get done.

  6. Farrah says:

    Great post! :]! I definitely like to try to take it a step at a time + to prioritize with lists and the like when I’m stressed out! :]!

  7. Kim Henrichs says:

    These are all excellent points. Especially this time of year.

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