Try It Tuesday: Join Me For Run 10 Feed 10!

A few years ago, I saw an ad in Women’s Health for a new run series called Run 10 Feed 10. The aim was simple – to raise money to feed millions of Americans who are hungry. For each runner who signs up to run 10K, ten meals are provided to hungry Americans in the runner’s community. This is an easy way to make a difference to a family (or several) in your community.

You can make a difference!

I’ve had the opportunity to (fun) run or race every year since R10F10 started in 2012. In 5 years, Women’s Health has raised enough money to provide 5 million meals to Americans in need. 5 million! How cool is that?

Allison, Amanda and I were pacers last year and scored a ton of fun loot!

This year I’m a Women’s Health Action Hero and will be a pacer at Run10Feed10 fun run in Chicago on 10/28.  Like me, you can join me, Women’s Health Magazine, The FEED Foundation and thousands of amazing runners in the fight against hunger. It’s easy and fun! Just run a 10K and you’ll provide 10 meals for those that are hungry in your local and surrounding communities.

Funning with the Geico Gecko at R10F10 ’15!

There are races in NYC (9/17) and San Francisco (10/22) and a super cool, paced fun run in Chicago (10/28). There are a number of organized fun runs in 9 cities and you can also start your own! If you don’t live in one of the Women’s Health host cities, or if you missed your fun run, you can still participate. Just register ($35 and get $5 off with code R10HERO24) and use the RUN10 FEED10 training app, created by Runtastic, to plot your own course and run your own 10K anytime. You’ll get a limited edition FEED bag and 10 meals will be donated to charity.

If you like to run, or walk, join me (live or virtually). You’ll do good and feel good! Register and get $5 off with code R10HERO24. That’s $30 to run, get some swag and goodies AND to feed 10 people. Pretty great! Not up for running? You can donate to my “team” here.

Please note: I’m a “Women’s Health Action Hero” and was offered a complimentary entry in Run10Feed10. I declined the free entry to help fight hunger. I was not otherwise compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.



  1. Amy Scott says:

    This is a really cool idea for a virtual race and for a great cause, plus you get some neat swag. The stats about hunger are astounding, too. Thanks for letting us know about it!

  2. Lisa Brown says:

    Love the gecko picture. Too funny!

  3. Natali Villarruel says:

    I remember you mentioning this race before, I have to double check my schedule but I think I’ll finally register for it this year!

  4. Samantha says:

    Great charity!

  5. Amber Ludwig says:

    Those stats make me so sad! I love that there are fundraisers that give locally and make sure people never have to be hungry again! In a world of such waste there should be no empty bellies!

  6. ellen beck says:

    Such a cool way to give back! I think the number up there might be one in five are food insecure… not certain. I volunteeer at a food giveaway site that serves lunches and does a giveaway too almost daily. The lines are VERY long and thats at noon when poor working families cant make it nor can those who cant afford to get there.

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