Friday Five: Things That Make Me Go Hmmm

It’s Friday, so I’m linking up with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for Friday Five 2.0. The theme this week is “Things That Make You Go Hmmmm.” I’ve been traveling a TON lately for work and life, so my “Hmmm” things will be travel related.

“Things That Make Me Go Hmmm – Travel Edition.”

1. Adults who wear noise cancelling headphones to avoid hearing their loud children. I kid you not, I’ve been on a number of flights where adults wear noise cancelling headphones and their children are super loud. One time, a kid was saying “mom, mom, mom, mom…” over and over because she wasn’t listening. Serenity now! [If The Husband is reading, he is shaking his head at me, because I have my own noise cancelling headphones but I never bring them… they’re too big to fit in my bag with everything. My bad.]

2. How small the seats are on the new American Airlines Planes. I’m barely 5’4″ and have a fairly long torso and my knees nearly touch the seat ahead of me. What’s going on American!? Thank goodness I’m small!

3. Loud, rude people. There are plenty of examples of these people on the road. They’re yelling into their cell phones in the airport, on planes and everywhere. The most egregious offender for me was this week at my hotel. There was a women having super loud Facetime conversation in the hall outside my room. It was 10 PM, so I popped my head out and asked her politely to go into her room. She moved toward the stairs which were across from my room. A few minutes later I opened the door again just as my neighbor offered her headphones. WTF? It’s a hotel, not a dorm room!

4. People on Wi-Fi enabled planes who try to talk on Facetime. Not only do I not want to hear/see your call, but it’s even worse because you can’t really see/hear well. It’s a bad experience for you, the person on the other end and the poor schmuck sitting next to you – especially if it’s me!

5. Gold status on American / Premier on United + $2.50 gets you a Starbucks. Frequent travel isn’t what it used to be. I have been as high as #26 on the upgrade list recently. On American you accrue 500 mile segments for upgrades. I have a ton, but I can NEVER use them. There are always so many people ahead of me. I split my flights on American and United to be able to fly stand by and to get my carry ons on, so my chances of upgrades and perks are low. Maybe next year I’ll pick one and see how I do!

What are the things about travel that make you go “Hmmmmm?” Please leave them in the comments.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. jen says:

    No show pilots is my weird travel thing. Our trip 2 weeks ago coming back from Spartan Tahoe, we had to DE-board the plane because the pilot never showed up — he “called in sick”. It was American, natch. Were were the on-call pilots? Of course, we couldn’t get another flight for 6 hours later which messed up connections. They wouldn’t give meal vouches for spending 18 hours in airport at their fault because they rolled out the “Refresh and Refuel” cart (pu-lease) which had waters, a couple cokes and packaged snacks like those little oreos. One NICE weird travel thing — which had their therapy dogs at the gate to relieve passenger stress. I loved petting the dogs, but sad commentary on travel stress

  2. Agree travel in general is not what it used to be! It’s just stressful and squishy

  3. MCM Mama says:

    I don’t fly enough to get perks on any airlines LOL. But I’m just not a huge fan of people in general when it comes to traveling. It seems to bring out the worst in so many people.

  4. Maybe if you sling your headphones around your neck it won’t count toward your luggage. We do that with our neck pillows. I don’t really notice how much space I have on a plane because I am TERRIFIED of flying so normally I am more focused on hoping I don’t die. I think being so scared does help me from being annoyed by all the little things related to being in close quarters with a bunch of other people.

  5. Amy Scott says:

    I don’t travel a ton… but you are right about plane seats. The last time I flew was a trip from Seattle and I was smushed between my husband and another man who was even bigger than my husband. For four hours. Yuck.

    I hate when people are disrespectful with things like phones. In my last race, someone was blaring music from their phone without headphones. Not good (plus it was depressing music for a race! It was Green Day, Time of your life!)

  6. Diane says:

    I’m with you on status. I have gold on United (plus connections there that should bring me good karma!!). Last night I was 28th on the list from Baltimore.

    My travel hmm is people who seem able to walk … like to to the moving sidewalk, but they stop walking once they get on it. Why aren’t they more interested in getting to their gate, to their car, anywhere? Double hmm for those who also take up the entire moving sidewalk so you can’t pass.

  7. I think in general people’s behaviors have gotten out of hand. We were in Disney recently and my husband could not believe how rude and disrespectful people are of others (the employees were not rude, just the other travelers).

  8. The airline seating is a joke! I’m tall (5’9) and am all legs…so yeah, try getting comfortable without sitting like a dud on a horse with your legs all spread-eagled. Not glamorous. And, why do people not take care of their “cute” little kids…on the plane OR in the airport? Like you said, a lot of parents ignore their kids so the rest of get to assume the responsibility. UGH.

  9. Amy says:

    Oh my goodness, rude people stink. I wish I could say I can’t believe some parents wear noise canceling earphones but…….people. Ugh! And yes, I am 5’2 and feel sorry for my husband (6’3) when we fly. Needless to say, we drive most of the time.

  10. Marcia says:

    OMG I’m 5’2″ and I feel packed in there! Cannot imagine being taller on a plane. On SAS to Berlin checking a bag was free but you had to pay to bring a carry-on on. Go figure.

  11. Erica, this sounds miserable!!! It’s been ages since I’ve flown anywhere for the EXACT reasons you’re complaining about. It’s just not worth it. Oh I take it back. The last time I flew was last summer — I drove my friend to Austin and then flew home. I had a connecting flight which I missed and it was a huge pain in the rear. I’d rather drive, thankyouverymuch.

  12. Lauren says:

    Totally agree about the seats. I always feel swished and I’m not a huge or tall person! It’s kinda anxiety inducing for me.

  13. Coco says:

    Wow on the parents with headphones – I don’t think I’ve seen that. We usually fly United for work, but I’ve been impressed by the Delta planes/seats the few times I’ve flown (whatever their version of economy plus is). My friend has global status on United and gets all the upgrades, but she earns them with frequent trips to Japan that I wouldn’t want to do!

  14. Lisa Brown says:

    I fell out of gold status with American about a year ago, but one thing that was really useful was being top on the list for standby. That was helpful for a long connection.

  15. Amber Ludwig says:

    OH rude people…. story of my life. Then I always think to myself, do I say something or do I let it go. Depending on what time of the month they catch me is typically what my reaction is lol!! I have a problem with those who complain the ENTIRE time they travel! I get it, it sucks sometimes, GET OVER IT! Its just what it is, don’t like it, don’t go anywhere lol!! I once was on a tiny plane headed to Cancun and I had a person complain about the plane size, ummmm… if it flys me safely to my destination I could care freaking less how big or small it is!

  16. ellen beck says:

    I have never ever been on an airplane- sp keep that in mind. I also am older.
    I used to wantto ride on an airplane, I mean I really really did. It looked like a great experience. Nowdays itsounds like a torture chamber you have no hope of espcaping.
    I mean I still wouldnt mind seeing what it feels like to lift off, but then the thrill would be gone.

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