Meet Maelove – The Sun Protector #Giveaway

It still feels like summer around here, but sunscreen is important any time of year. I’ll admit that I’m not always the best about using sunscreen, but I’m trying. I’m not getting any younger and I see some sun spots that are not going to go away.

I was offered some great new sunscreen from Maelove. This SPF 30, 100% mineral sunscreen is very light. It’s fortified with Vitamins C and E. It’s naturally formulated without parabens, synthetic dyes or fragrances or other harmful ingredients.

Maelove was “Born at MIT. Developed in Silicon Valley. Made in the USA.” This “motley group of friends” are engineers, chemists, medical researchers and doctors. They couldn’t find “simple yet effective skincare products that they actually wanted to use.” That’s when Maelove was “born.”

How is Maelove different?

  • 18% zinc oxide formula provides your skin with complete defense against UVA and UVB rays.
  • Formulated with “non-nano particles” so it will stay on your skin, instead of getting absorbed into your skin.
  • Great for sensitive skin as it’s free of oxybenzone, avobenzone, octinoxate, homosalate, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, fragrances and dyes.
  • Hypo-allergenic, PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan.
  • Fortified with antioxidants vitamins C and E to protect against free radicals.
  • Acts as a make-up primer, too!

Maelove is light and not greasy. It doesn’t leave a white film on the skin and it’s unscented. I love it for running but it’s also a makeup primer. Since I never use one of those it’s a win-win! At $29/1.7 oz, it’s not inexpensive but a little goes a long way. Since it can be used as a make up primer, I’ve been using it on my face and neck and using other sunscreen on my body for running.

Maelove will send one lucky winner a 1.7 oz tube ($29.00 retail value) to try. Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Winner must be a US resident, 18 years of age or older and the offer is void where prohibited. The contest ends on September 28. A winner will be selected and notified on September 29.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don’t want to wait? You can get Maelove sun protector online or on Amazon (Prime Eligible). You can also keep up with Maelove on Facebook and Instagram.

Please note: I received sample products from Maelove at no cost. I was not otherwise compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link for Amazon. If you use this link, I will receive a small commission.



  1. I’m ALWAYS looking for good sunscreen. Thanks for posting about this!!!

  2. Ivy S Bell says:

    I always use sunscreen on my face. Could use a good non drippy one.

  3. Vilmaris Conigliaro says:

    Cool sunscreen so important for those long
    Runs in the sun

  4. Kim Henrichs says:

    I’ve had skin cancer so yes, definitely. Love that it’s paraben free!

  5. Mary W says:

    I am good about sunscreen but I could be better at applying more often. I like the feature that Maelove Sunscreen is good for sensitive skin.

  6. Audrey Stewart says:

    I live in the south, so I put sunscreen on all the time.

  7. marie wickham says:

    That sunscreen/primer sounds perfect. I was worried when I saw the Zinc Oxide in it because those always make me look white. But I can’t wait to try it.

  8. Amy Scott says:

    I should be better about sunscreen… I wear it at the beach or pool, but not often for running

  9. I predominately wear sunscreen and what I am liking about Maelove is that it doesn’t leave a greasy film on your skin.

  10. Kris I. says:

    I love that it’s unscented; I hate lotions with scents!

  11. Lisa Brown says:

    For a pale person living in Miami, I’m not nearly as good about wearing sunscreen as I should be. I usually just put it on when I go to the beach.

  12. gala says:

    I like that Maelove is light and not greasy

  13. Susan P. says:

    I wear sunscreen when I am outdoors for more than 15 min. I like that it stays on top of the skin and can be used as a primer for makeup.

  14. Kristen says:

    I always need sunscreen for running! Especially on my hair line.

  15. I need an organic mineral sunscreen or else I will break out in a terrible rash so this sunscreen looks like it would be perfect for me and I would love to try it.

  16. Lydia Claire says:

    I’m pretty good about using sunscreen every day, especially on my face, neck and tattoos. I like Maelove because it’s vegan, cruelty free, chemical free, etc. Pretty much everything!

  17. Becca Z says:

    Living in Florida I am hooked on sunscreen! I put it in the backs of my hands every time I am going to drive anywhere! The natural ingredients are the most appealing things about the Maelove brand. Had not heard of them, but I am going to follow them on social media now.

  18. patricia caradonna says:

    I always wear sunscreen when I am out in the sun. I love the fact that it doesn’t leave a white film on the skin and it’s unscented.

  19. Paol Trenny says:

    I have been wearing sunscreen and sunblock daily as long as I can remember. I love that it is PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan.

  20. sarah s says:

    I really like that it is light and non-greasy and I’ve been trying to get better at applying sunscreen every day and not just when I know I’ll be out in the sun for a longer period of time.

  21. Renata says:

    I use sunscreen daily and apply it in the morning after I wash my face. I like this line because it is a natural, clean mineral formula.

  22. jen says:

    It used to be in the moisturizer I put on every morning, now I use something else — without UV. So, I’m not as good as I should be . .do try to put in on for runs, watching kids sports games etc

  23. jen says:

    It used to be in the moisturizer I put on every morning, now I use something else — without UV. So, I’m not as good as I should be . .do try to put in on for runs, watching kids sports games etc

  24. Chris L says:

    I ry do use sunscreen on regular basis.

  25. Lauren says:

    I am pretty good about wearing sunscreen everyday. I like that this brand is not greasy.

  26. Edye says:

    I do forget sometimes. I like that it has no scent.

  27. Steph says:

    I need to be better about wearing sunscreen

  28. Erin R. says:

    Yes, I always reapply in the middle of the day before I leave at lunchtime. I’m fairly crazy about sunscreen.

  29. sarah n says:

    i wear a moisturizer every day that has sunscreen in it but I’m not great about apply extra sunscreen when I run. This product sounds wonderful. I love that it doesn’t feel greasy.

  30. meredith says:

    I try to wear daily but forget a lot

  31. Georgiana says:

    I wear it daily and like that it’s mineral based!

  32. Jessica Lodge says:

    I like that it’s free of so many things particularly parabens.

  33. Laurie Nykaza says:

    I’m good about wearing sunscreen I’ve had skin Cancer removed in couple of places on my face and shoulder. I like that this is light and not greasy .

  34. Steph says:

    I honestly don’t know how I don’t have skin cancer! I need to be a better example for my kids now!

  35. Gabrielle says:

    I love that it’s cruelty free as I’m trying hard to convert completely to cruelty free products.

  36. […] Maelove Sunscreen from Erica Findss – Ends 9/28/17 […]

  37. Maren McConnell says:

    I like a sunscreen that works & is non-irritating.

  38. I’m pretty good about sunscreen and lately I’ve been wearing a hat as well. The feature I like most is that it’s not greasy – my skin feels oily enough as it is.

  39. Tracy Robertson says:

    I wear sunscreen every single day. I love that this is also a face primer! I like using a primer but sometimes I feel like I’m putting too many layers of stuff on my skin using a separate primer after my sunscreen.

  40. Debbie Yoder says:

    i always use sunscreen, I like that this one is light and nongreasy and doesnt leave a white film!

  41. Iliana R says:

    I am really bad on putting on sunscreen and my favorite feature is that it isn’t greasy!

  42. Gabrielly says:

    I always use sunscreen and I like it that it isn’t greasy.

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