The Sky’s the Limit – Mizuno Wave Sky Shoe Review

skwugeem_400x400 I love when an email comes through asking if I want to try new shoes from Mizuno. Do I? Of course, I do! I tried the Wave Rider 20 last fall (review). I’m a big Wave Rider fan and the 20s are a very good fit for me. I’ve been rotating them in ever since.

As a Fitfluential Ambassador, I was offered the opportunity to try the new Wave Sky in exchange for an honest review. Cha ching! I’m always looking for shoes that will work for me and I’m a huge Mizuno fan. It’s a win-win.

Aren’t they pretty?

The Wave Sky is a new neutral, cushioned shoe from Mizuno. They say:

Maximum cushioning meets maximum comfort in the new Wave Sky, built for neutral runners. A full length U4icX midsole works in harmony with new cloudwave technology for a plush and lively ride.

I was wondering what the difference was between the Wave Sky and Wave Rider. Both are neutral and the description is similar. I wrote in a Q & A on the Mizuno website.

My question:What is the difference between the Wave Sky and the Wave Rider? How much does the Wave Sky weigh? (Women’s)

Mizuno’s answer:The Wave Sky, weight 9.3oz, will be the maximum cushioned neutral shoe with a softer, more plush feel. The Wave Rider will be a moderate cushioned neutral shoe and weight 8.3 oz.”

Couldn’t resist taking off my shoe for this photo op.

I took the Wave Skys for a few short test runs. They were comfortable right out of the box. That’s a win. I know that these are more cushioned that the Wave Riders, but they feel more firm to me. Perhaps it’s the slightly higher weight. I’m not sure. That said, I’m a fan of the ride – and I like the looks, too.

Wave Skys met the Ridge Run Challenge head on!

I decided to give the Wave Skys a try in the Ridge Run Challenge. What’s the Ridge Run Challenge? Well, you run a 10K race at 8:00 AM and then a 5K race at 9:30. Why? Why not. It was a beautiful day for some racing and the Wave Skys handled really well.

After taking these through the paces and some races, I’m going to add them into my rotation for mid – longer runs. The cushioned ride and reasonably light weight is perfect for distance. I also like to wear them at the gym. They’re great for HIIT workouts and mixing strength and cardio.

At the gym!

You can find out more and buy some Wave Skys here. You can keep up with Mizuno Running on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Do you need a new “maximum” cushioned trainer? This is a great one to try!

Please note: I received these shoes at no cost and received a small fee in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.



  1. Alyse says:

    Those are really cute, I love the color! And they sound super versatile, I love a lightweight shoe that gets the job done!

  2. Jamie King says:

    They sound like a great shoe – very versatile for both running and working out which is perfect!

  3. Nicci Randall says:

    This shoe definitely sounds like a win – great review!

  4. These shoes are so damn comfortable. Period.

  5. Kimberly G says:

    I only run in Mizuno Wave Inspires because I need a support sneaker, but I love that you mentioned these are super cushioned! I’ll look for these at my local running store 🙂

  6. Amy Scott says:

    I also received these shoes and reviewed them. I haven’t worn Wave Rider in years but these feel REALLY soft compared to the older editions of MIzunos I wore. I also usually wear lighter shoes but really liked these because of the extra cushioning on my easy and long days. The only downsides I could see were that I feel people should try them on because they run smaller than some brands, and they a little pricey. But I feel like $150 is not too bad if they last a really long time, which they should. I put over 60 miles on them, wrote the review, and they still feel brand new (and feel free to give my review some love too…)

  7. Becky says:

    Super cute! & sound like they are so comfy! I’ll try them out for my next shoe swap!

  8. Lucy says:

    That teal though! Thanks for explaining the differences between the Wave Sky and the Wave Rider – I’ll definitely give these a try when I’m next shopping for running shoes!

  9. I love the color! And every year I keep telling myself that I should run the Ridge Run Challenge.

  10. Courtney says:

    I love that these shoes were comfortable right out of the box. Too often, my shoes take some breaking in… which usually means A LOT of blisters. I’ll have to check these out in-person!

  11. Liz says:

    Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll definitely have to give them a try. Love that you don’t even have to break them in before they’re comfy!

  12. I totally agree- there was no ‘breaking in’ period, just step in and run in comfort! That blew my mind!

  13. ellen beck says:

    I really like the look and the weight of this shoe. I could see wearing these. Not a distance runner, but extra cushioning is always appreciated and these sound like they deliver on that.

  14. Calvin F. says:

    A nice fitting shoe is very important especially if you are using them to run.

  15. brooke myers says:

    I love getting that kind of email too! Great shoes indeed….. Great post! And can’t wait to see what Mizuno has next!

  16. Lisa Brown says:

    Those are really sharp-looking shoes! Love the color.

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