Nanami Tea #7DayDrinkGreen Challenge – #Giveaway

If you come around here much, you know I LOVE my coffee and seltzer. Through my relationship with Fitfluential, I was offered the opportunity to participate in Nanami Tea’s 7 Day Drink Green Challenge. The challenge was to drink only four kinds of green tea and water for 7 days. The goal is to kick start healthier habits by removing sugary beverages and enjoying the health benefits of green tea.

Nanami Green Tea is a specialty organic green tea brand. The tea is handpicked and handcrafted from an organic tea farm in Uji Kyoto, Japan. They say that this is “the most famous place known for premium Japanese green tea.” All of the teas are calorie free, sugar free, organic and all natural.

My Nanami Zen Set!

Nanami promotes clean eating by adding organic green tea in the daily diet. They sent me their Nanami Zen Set. It includes four types of Japanese green tea – Matcha, Sencha, Hojicha, and Genmaicha. Each tea has different health benefits and taste.

I haven’t had great luck with making loose tea, so I got a Joy de Vive Tea Tumbler. I’m glad that I did. It made great tea and was really easy and convenient.Β  I started day 1 with two large mugs of Sencha Tea. It’s 100% green tea with high caffeine. It has a fresh, light taste.

Day 2, I tried the Hojicha. It has a slightly nutty flavor. I didn’t read all of the details in advance (oops) but it has lower caffeine. They say to “drink after a meal or before bed to soothe the stomach.” Good to know! I enjoyed the taste, but not as much as the Sencha.

Day 3, I tried the Genmaicha which has roasted rice blended in. This tea acts as an appetite suppressant before meals. I enjoyed the taste of this one, but it was a bit tough to clean out of the filter!

For the remaining days, I stuck with the Sencha for mornings and water for the rest of the day. I did have some coffee on two afternoons – which was “OK” according to the challenge rules. I also had a few glasses of wine with my weekend dinners.

Overall, the challenge was not that hard for me. Why? I only drink coffee, water and seltzer 99% of the time. I enjoyed having green tea in the morning and I will rotate it in more often with my coffee. I’ll also try the Genmaicha for its appetite suppressant properties and the Hojicha for stomach issues. It’s good to change things up!

Want to try the 7 Day Green Tea Challenge? Nanami Tea will send one lucky reader the Nanami Zen Set that I received ($44.99 retail value). Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter. The giveaway runs through May 26th. A winner will be selected and notified on May 27th. Winner must have a US postal address, be 18 years of age or older and the offer is void where prohibited.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don’t want to wait? You can get a Nanami Zen Set online. Get 15% off with code ERICAFINDS15. You can also keep up with Nanami Tea onΒ  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Would the 7 Day Green Tea Challenge be a challenge or smooth sailing for you?

Please note: I was provided product at no cost in exchange for an honest review. I was not otherwise compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.



  1. Jeffrey says:

    I couldn’t do it, but my wife could!

  2. Christopher Sorel says:

    breeze as have it every morning in my green smoothie

  3. erin says:

    This sounds amazing and totally up my alley πŸ™‚ (exclusive tea drinker here!)

  4. Beth R says:

    Only drink tea so this sounds great.

  5. Kimberly G says:

    I received the tea a few weeks ago and am looking forward to taking the challenge soon!

  6. Georgette Coan says:

    I drink tons of tea throughout the day so it wouldn’t be a huge challenge, but removing my beloved coffee would be tough. Willing to try!

  7. vickie couturier says:

    not sure ,i do like tea hot an cold so i think i could do it

  8. Renata says:

    I drink tea everyday so I’d actually love this idea!

  9. sarah n says:

    I mostly drink tea or water so I don’t think this challenge would be too difficult. Though I would miss matcha lattes if milk isn’t allowed as a part of the challenge.

  10. Mindy DeLisi says:

    It would be very hard for me. I love food, but would try it. I’ve always wanted to detox my body.

  11. gloria patterson says:

    middle road for me…….. I am a tea drinking

  12. gala says:

    The 7 Day Green Tea Challenge would be a great thing for me

  13. Angela W says:

    i know I can do it.

  14. Allison says:

    This would probably be pretty easy for me too – I may have trouble giving up my morning coffee, and I maybe wouldn’t be excited about giving up wine with weekend dinners, but I love Sencha green tea (and pretty much all green tea). Would it be cheating to add lemon?

  15. Mary W says:

    I already drink green tea and water only so this would not be a very difficult challenge for me. Taste is what could be difficult if it were a product that I did not like.

  16. toni says:

    I love green tea, so I think the challenge would be a breeze for me!

  17. Patrice Kentner says:

    I would love to try. I think I could do it but it will be hard!

  18. Marty C. says:

    It would be a breeze, as long as I can sneak in an occasional cup of coffee. Coffee, tea, and water is about all I generally drink anyway.

  19. Maryann D. says:

    The 7 Day Green Tea Challenge would be a breeze for me since I do love any type of tea!

  20. Kris I. says:

    I would be willing to try but I do love my coffee.

  21. Georgia says:

    I’d love this challenge and love matcha tea!

  22. Caroline says:

    A challenge, but a good one!

  23. Deb E says:

    I drink several cups of green tea a day since it’s my favorite. I drink coffee as well and would love to try this tea.

  24. Steph says:

    It would be a worthwhile effort for me

  25. jberry says:

    Maybe the simplest dietary challenge ever for me.

  26. Raymond says:

    I like to drink tea too so this would be a nice challenge.

  27. Angela Saver says:

    It would be a challenge for me!

  28. Amanda C. says:

    I drink green tea every day and would love to try this lovely sounding tea set! Help with digestion would also be awesome πŸ™‚

  29. Edye says:

    I would say a breeze πŸ˜‰

  30. Ai says:

    I enjoy drinking tea but I don’t make it very often, so it may be a challenge, especially during the summer. I do like green tea, though!

  31. A breeze! I like to drink tea in the evening while I watch TV and relax.

  32. Susan P. says:

    I’m not a big tea drinker so it would be a challenge for me.

  33. Lesley F says:

    It would be a breeze for me as I put in a smoothie almost daily

  34. Melissa H. says:

    It would be a challenge but very worth it!

  35. Jennifer H. says:

    Yes! I like tea!

  36. John H. says:

    I like tea. I think so.

  37. latanya says:

    a breeze

  38. Lisa Brown says:

    These all look so good. I lived in Japan for two and a half years, and I miss the tea so much!

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