Stay in the Know on Where to Go with GetBeen

Tired of searching email and random notes to find recommendations or to remember the name of places you like? GetBeen (formerly BEEN) is a new iPhone app that allows you to “stay in the know on where to go.”  You can share your favorite places and new finds, discover reviews created by friends and connections, explore what’s nearby and search for restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and shops all over the world.

With GetBeen, you can create a “kitchen cabinet” of trusted advisers for business reviews and recommendations. More importantly, you can quickly and easily share recommendations with friends/connections by connecting on the GetBeen app.

With GetBeen, you can:

  • Find places your friends like all over the world
  • Discover new places to go that your friends recommend
  • Check out places near you on the map
  • Keep track of places you’ve been and provide quick reviews, likes or dislikes
  • Share your favorite and saved places quickly and easily
  • Get customized advice based on your previous likes/dislikes

GetBeen has an easy search feature and you can quickly add reviews/reminders, like or save.

I downloaded GetBeen to give it a try. It’s easy to navigate and not hard to use. I added some quick reviews for our recent Los Angeles trip to get the hang of it. I then added a few neighborhood faves in Chicago.

Adding a bar in Cuba was as easy as finding my local bar!

I promised some friends that I’d share our Cuba list. I saved a few of our faves from our recent trip to Havana to share. I’m going to add in more from our itinerary. Then, I can invite folks to GetBeen to share my faves instead of emailing them. Once they join, we can connect and I can see their favorite places, too!

I’m excited to add some of my favorites in other cities I’ve been to a lot. I often email suggestions for New York, Brooklyn San Francisco and Vancouver. Now, I can create lists in GetBeen and just connect in the app. Friends can add their faves and I can see their recommendations for other cities I may visit. I love the idea of reviewing new places as I go to them, too. Then, I’ll always remember where I’ve been and whether I like it!

You can download GetBeen on the App Store via this link! Keep up with GetBeen on the web, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you are out and about in your town or travel a lot, you can apply to be an ambassador to get discounts, invites to special events and more.

Please note: I was compensated to check out GetBeen. All opinions are my own.



  1. Amber Ludwig says:

    Super neat!! How awesome would this be for checking out new towns and cities!! We have so may cool places near us in Chicago and Milwaukee but never know what is the best and worth the drive and money!!

  2. cindy schierl says:

    Great app! I will have to try it!

  3. This is so cool! I am going to download it. I always tell myself that I want to try such and such place and then forget when I am looking for a place to eat/visit, etc.

  4. Deb E says:

    I would love an app to replace all the searching I do for things like this. I never heard of it. It’s a pain to drive around LA if you don’t know where things are.

  5. Jerry Marquardt says:

    This looks like a great app! I appreciate the information on this, and I am looking forward to getting in on it.

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