Milestone Pod, Links I Like for a Better 2013 & Deals!

I am still waiting for my Perfect Fuel Performance Chocolate and my Misfit Shine wireless activity tracker, but I saw a tweet this morning and have donated a small amount to another cool IndieGoGo campaign for MilestonePod! (What is IndieGoGo? Read my post about crowdfunding HERE.)

Soure: Milestone Pod

Source: Milestone Pod

The MilestonePod is a small gadget that counts and tracks the mileage of running shoes. It acts as personal ID tag too — the device, which clips right on your shoelace, has a USB that can store personal and emergency contact information. Users can input how many miles they want to run in a given pair of kicks, and the Pod will alert the runner when it’s time to retire them for a new pair. The tracking device can also be swiped clean, so you start using a new pair of shoes, the mileage goes back to zero.

So how does it work? The device uses sensors and accelerometers that measure the position of the foot 100 times per second. It combines that data with basic information on running motion to create an algorithm that can track mileage.

The good news for you is that I will get 2 of these for my donation, so I will give one away! For $15 you can get one in the first release and support these guys’ business start up. As usual, a WIN-WIN!

Lucky for you, I wimped out and ran on the TM yesterday morning and saw this super helpful House Smarts segment on NBC5 Chicago morning news! I liked the Fresh Wave candle for getting rid of cooking smells and Tear Mender liquid hemming product, especially. Who knew?

HappyNewYear2013Some “Links I Like” for a better 2013:

importance-of-posture-> I loved 10 Small-Change Big-Impact That Don’t Involve A Crash Diet or Unsustainably Aggressive Fitness Plan from the blog at Rate Your Burn (a fitness class ratings site in NYC). It includes things like “Make an effort to improve your posture” and “Floss daily”. Smart and do-able!

> From Mind Body Green:
6 Simple Things You Can Do in 2013 to Optimize Your Health. I am good on some of these, but I really need to work on #4 “Say bye-bye to processed foods and sugar”.
5 Ways to Live the Life You Want in 2013 – I took the first step by writing my goals in December. Now 2 and 3 – stay positive and focused!
7 Wellness trends for 2013 – this is where I heard “Tumeric is the New Kale”. Need some new recipes (and someone to cook them!)

> From Forbes, check out 10 Resolutions that the Most Successful People Make and Keep. I especially like number 6: “Resolve to invent more choices: Here’s a secret that happy people know that I learned from my friend Dr. Dan Baker: You can’t feel grateful and fearful at the same time. And one certain way to become afraid is to feel trapped by any situation. The remedy is choice. The more choices you feel you have, the less trapped—and happier—you will feel. So this year, resolve to do a bit of brainstorming every time you feel unhappy. So smart!



Need some help meeting your health goals? Sign up at Health Year from the Greatist to receive e-mails with tips on one of 6 areas based on your subscription.

Here are some deals that can help, too (or are just fun…or both):
> I noticed that Lifebooker has some great Loot deals on fitness classes in Chicago, NYC, LA, San Fran and more!

> In NYC and want to try something totally new?
– try this new trampoline class with a great deal from Living Social!
– or this Sword Class from Rue La La. (One option comes with a practice sword!)

> Gilt City has some great stuff as usual:
– In Chicago, check out a great deal at Helios Pilates – 51% off of 4 classes or the 6 week Bye-Bye Belly program. I can vouch for Jenna and this studio is terrific!
– Check out 50% off of Lole Gear at – includes sale items!
– In NYC, they have a great deal for computer classes or $100 off a MAC computer at Tekserve and great deals on make up and make up lessons (I need this one!) at Kimara Ahnert on Madison Ave!
– And much more!

> Also, the husband reminded me to check out how many OpenTable dining points I had. I redeemed 10000 point for $100 dining cheque – all for making reservations online instead of calling FOR FREE! How awesome is that? Yet another, WIN-WIN. So if you use OpenTable, check out your balance and if you don’t, sign up today!

Don’t forget – today’s the last day to enter to win in my CEP Compression give away (tell your friends!) and you can also still enter the CEP Compression Pair a Day Giveaway on Facebook!

PS. I am working on a “successes and busts” post for deals I have tried. If you have bought any of the deals I recommended and had a big success or a bust and you’d be willing to share it, please email it to me at Thanks!



  1. Marcia says:

    The Milestone Pod looks like the bomb! I am so bad about tracking my shoe mileage. Love that #6 from Forbes: it IS all about choices isn’t it?

  2. RateYourBurn says:

    Thanks so much for linking to our resolutions article! So glad you enjoyed it. We love this roundup!


  3. Elizabeth Fitzwater says:

    Hi Erica,

    I just love the Klutch club….what a fantastic idea….i love all my samples and would love to order some of the items from each are really onto something my lady…you are so amazing…!!! Oh the other day i made a protien shake and added some of the Hemp hearts…also added some on my tuna salad…was really tasty…i love how everything is healthy and beneficial to our bodies…or to the it love it…!!! love , Elizabeth

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