Score! “Eat Like a Yogi” Workshop and Goodies!

I saw a post on Vital Juice about an “Eat Like a Yogi Workshop” at our local Whole Foods super store (2.5 hours for $40). Hatha yoga class followed by a cooking demo (and sampling) and a goodie bag (of course, I LOVE goodie bags!)

Class Description: “Whole Foods Wellness Club is sharing the secrets of a satisfying, simple and clean yoga-approved diet at its Eat Like a Yogi: Yoga + Cooking Class to Detox, Recharge and Energize event on June 2.

Start by working up an appetite with a 45-minute core and alignment-focused Sivananda yoga class led by Suzanne Ko, then watch natural foods chef Amanda Skrip make tasty detox-friendly dishes (yes, you’ll get to try them all). Skrip promises that the menu will be entirely plant-based, gluten-free and delicious.

Want a sneak peek at what you might be munching? Grab Skrip’s easy Cashew Cookie Energy Bites recipe here.”

So… How was it? In a word? GREAT!
– Suzanne Ko taught a great abridged Hatha yoga class previewing her 90 minute class that I would like to take some Saturday soon!
– Amanda Skrip made 5 good for you courses in a snap (and she made it all look easy and more importantly fun!) All of the food was delicious and nutritious, too! She made a kale salad, a quinoa with arugula and tomato, nori rolls with parsnip “rice”, chia breakfast and the cashew cookies in the preview. I wish I could whip all of these dishes up so easily — I have the recipes, I will give them a go! (or will bribe my healthy, cooking savvy friends to make them “with” me – you know who you are!)

– Whole Foods tote
– Wellness Club slip free yoga towel
Divine Chocolate Bar – $4
Ruth’s Chia Goodness Cereal – ~$8
a Mark Bar – $2
So Delicious! Coupons – $8 off!
Waleda Skin Food – 1 oz – $11.50
TOTAL – over $40 in goodies plus a great yoga class and cooking lesson/lunch. I will definitely be checking out Suzanne’s yoga and more of Amanda’s cooking classes and her awesome blog for healthy inspiration. All in all AWESOME! What did you find this weekend?

PS. Will be back with more finds and the Moving Comfort coupon “winner” tomorrow!



  1. Stacy says:

    Wow! That sounds awesome — and what a great goodie bag too. Hand over the recipes…. we’ll give them a go! 😉

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