“Finding” Successes and Busts, Some Deals and Links I Like

My husband recently commented that my blog has made me into an “uber consumer”. (Read: “Honey, aren’t you buying too many things? We seem to have so many little boxes showing up every day. Are you spending all of our money?”) I guess I should not reply “No dear, I have always purchased a ton of things on sale, you just never noticed before.” As usual, the truth is somewhere in between.

This comment helped me decide to report back on the deals I have purchased of the ones I have written about on the blog and let you know the good, bad and ugly of it.

I started the blog in April and here is what I have bought/done:

– A Lifebooker deal for KS Style Consulting – Katie helped me get organized, get rid of some things and sell some things on consignment. It was quick, painless and fun. Survey says “SUCCESS!”
– I got a screaming deal on Vega Whole Food Optimizer shakes – half off from Vitacost. It was worth it but it is sitting in the cabinet unused, so I have to work this into my breakfast — maybe I need to bring it to work? Survey says “Not Bad!”

– I went viral with my CARA discounts and am saving over $350 this year! Survey says “SUCCESS!”
– I got 24 Earnest Eats bars for $28 and they are delicious. I shared with colleagues and friends and am still working on them for breakfast, snacks and on the go treats. Survey says “SUCCESS!”
– I got a Rue La La deal for me and 3 friends (2 rooms) at Canyon Ranch Miami for $750 (per room) for 2 nights with $200 spa credit per room – about 1/2 the rack rate. We had an AWESOME time. It was a great deal! Survey says “SUCCESS!”

– I joined a FREE pilot of Good Measures – a healthy eating app and have been working on getting higher scores with better choices on my meals and exercise. I am up to 93/100 today. Survey says (definite) “SUCCESS!”
– I used a 30% off deal for a sale item (or maybe 2) at Athleta well, honey, I would have bought that one anyway! Survey says “SUCCESS!”
– I got the Gilt City deal for the klutch club – 3 months for $34 for boxes worth $40 – $80 per month. I have only gotten one so far but I drank the coconut water, gifted a prize for a reader ($25 off moving comfort sports bra) and I still have my $25 off coupon and have other cool deals to use. I can’t wait to share the next 2 months finds. Survey says “SUCCESS!”
– I got a Living Social deal for Artizone – a new site that delivers local goodies that are hard to find in Chicago. $25 for $50. I got some great stuff including Mama’s Nuts and Gary’s popcorn. While the deal was worth it, this is probably one where I bought stuff I did not need just because it was a deal. Survey says “Not Bad but Ask Myself If I really NEED IT.”
– I bought the Daily Candy deal for Meez Meals – I have not tried them yet so TBD but the menus look amazing
– I bought the Active.com Schwaggle for Mission Endura Cool Towels ($20) and lip balm. I have not tried them yet so also TBD (and they look different than I expected).

– I got the Active.com Schwaggle for 22 Days bars $17 for 12 including shipping. I shared them with a friend and had one yesterday for breakfast. They are delicious and great balanced nutrition when you need something fast. Survey says “SUCCESS!”
– I donated $25 to a crowdrise fundraiser for the NY Road Runners Club Team in Training and won a free pair of Asics shoes. Survey says “SUCCESS!” and a Win-Win!
– I signed up for the $10 Bloomspot deal for the Last Minute Travel Club. I have done a bunch of searches but no reservations yet – so jury is out. For $10 should be a “SUCCESS”
– I did yoga and natural cooking with Suzanne Ko and Amanda Skrip at the Whole Foods Wellness Club in Chicago and scored a ton of goodies (plus a great workout AND delicious, healthy lunch). Survey says “SUCCESS!”
– I got the Lifebooker deal for the Salt Cave in Oak Brook with a friend for $20 – mine was actually free because of referral credits. We haven’t tried it yet, so TBD but likely a SUCCESS for FREE!

So maybe the husband is right – that is a lot of shopping but certainly more successes and useful items than not – wouldn’t you agree? Oh yeah, and I posted WAY more deals than I bought. Right?! Who is with me?

So speaking of deals… (that I did not buy!)
Google offers has $25 for $50 at Bluefly I used to shop there a lot but have not in a while. Check out the site and see what you think. There are some good local offers now, too – like 5 yoga classes at the Lab for $29 (regularly $52)
– I am curious about this $29 haircut and blowout at Bailey Hughes in River North on Lifebookerhas anyone been there? Worth the risk??

Links I like:
Vital Juice had three good posts “by the numbers” from Shape Magazine:
10 minute total body workout
4 Hidden Summer Diet Disasters
10 Sneaky Sources of Body Odor (I know, but it is important!)

Also, I “stumbled upon” this cool info graphic from the Greatist “The Complete Guide to Workout Nutrition”

Well that was more than a mouthful! What do you think – too much shopping or just right?



  1. Lisa says:

    There is no such thing as too much shopping…

  2. Lauren Pareti says:

    Love your blog, Er! The Good Measures site is really exciting. Can’t wait for it to be available to the public! You are a champion at many things and bargain hunting is clearly among them. Please keep sharing for those among us who are too lazy to find the deals ourselves.

  3. Anne Bailey says:

    You are saving money all over the place! Love the deals. Keep posting them!

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