Ready, Set… Here Goes Nothing!

Wow – starting a blog is more difficult that I expected. What can I possibly write that is unique and worth the time to look for and read?

Well… I have been talking about starting a blog for months. Everyone is good at something. I realized after months of sending people links to articles, recipes, great deals, connections, etc. that I am good at networking and shopping.

I love to learn, be active, travel, run and socialize. I am that person who reads a ton of blogs, emails and social networking sites and finds so many awesome deals. I know that I can’t use them all, but love to connect my friends with the deals and ideas that they may be interested in. I have saved friends money on their hotel rooms ($667 for one friend on a special NYC trip!), running shoes, airfares, yoga clothes, gym memberships and more.

I will use this blog to tell you about what I find and what you may be interested in.

What are you looking for? Can I help?



  1. Rosie says:

    I tried a blog and it lasted a couple of weeks. phew it is a lot of work for sure, esp to make it interesting. You’ve done so well, it is amazing!!!

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